By Christopher S. Hyatt

Struggle again opposed to dogma! unfastened your self from all undesirable studies! discover ways to guard yourself from buddies, family and strangers, whereas having a good time. Dogma Daze is written by means of an ex-professional psychologist, educator and author, in strict organization with a marginally crazed specialist artist. So if you purchase this Gem you recognize you're in sturdy fingers! Be the 1st one in your block to appreciate the dynamics and language of man's worst enemy -- DOGMA!

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103r–v and D, f. 113c–d, where the same formula appears in a different context). DV, f. 243r and D, ff. 55d–56a; cf. the passages from the previous note. Salome Sticken was prioress from 1412–47, Katharina van Naaldwijk was subprioress from 1420 (Griete van Ahaus succeeded her around 1437; cf. DV, f. 215r), and Elsebe Hasenbroecks was procuratrix from 1408 to 1441 (but from around 1437 on, Trude van Compostel also fulfilled that office; cf. DV, f. 215r). 11, concerning the librarian, has been frequently published: Meinsma 1902, 111–25 provides a synoptic Latin–Middle Dutch edition; Christ 1942, 10–11 gives an edition of the Middle Dutch ms Gaesdonck, Collegium Augustinianum, 15; Foncke 1916 edits the Middle Dutch ms of statutes Mechelen, Stadsarchief, S II, 1 from Bethanië in Mechelen.

Fortunately fully half have been preserved in the Stadtbibliotheek of Neurenberg (described by Schneider and Zirnbauer 1965, 1–429; see also Schneider 1983). A list of the books in this formerly private collection was drawn up between 1451 and 1457 (ed. Ruf 1939, 578–96), and furthermore a general catalogue has survived in which the general collection was recorded up to approximately 1500 (ed. Ruf 1939, 596–38). Moreover two programmes of reading for the refectory are known for the years 1429–31 (ed.

Also Chapter 6, where Schwesternbücher and sisterbooks are distinguished). Surveys of the mystical tradition of the Occident are provided by Ruh 1990–9, McGinn 1991–8 and Dinzelbacher 1994. 20 INTRODUCTION vernacular. 79 Not only were many books produced during this period, but new works were made available as well. 82 The Rhineland mysticism of the fourteenth century is famous not for the volume of its manuscript production, but for the expressiveness of this new literature created, often collaboratively, by Dominican theologians and nuns.

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