By Dane Rudhyar

Астрология и ее применения в условиях современного мира. Времена проходят и уходят, но остаются звезды и вселенная. Остаются извечные законы мироздания, влияния планет на судьбы людей. Англоязычный автор пишет о взаимоотношениях науки астрологии и мирового сообщества, каждого индивидуума, каждого человека.

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The birth-chart is an archctlpal form, and through the study of progressions and transits wc can foresee its evolution, that is, thc proccss according to which what is potential at birth becomes actualizcd tirozgi life-events. Astrology informs us oI the sequenceof char actcrislic phases in the process oI self actualiza' tion - that is, of the individual timing and essential charactcristics o[ turning points and crises of growth. lt about precise events. lve can only infer the kind of actual events which will bc nccdcd in ordcr to fil lhc characterof the , xpccreblc rurning poinrc in the person's life- Such in{crcnccs arc valid only bc'causegeneric human nature tcnds to rcact in similar ways to similar needs and occurrences.

The spiritual life is onc which is bascd on thc conscious accqrtation of this dharma-pattern. But how can one coDsciouslyaccept that of which one is not awarc? The first thing is thcrefore to comc to a vivid, and if possible, clearly conscious, rcalizaLionof what onc csscntially is as an indit,idual and not as a member of this or that race, family, social class, religion, culturc and nation. Astrology can becomc a method for such a rcalization; but if it is what is expectedoI astrology thcn obviously a great many of rhc traditional astrological conccpts havc to be uttcrly transformcd.

Karma does rcfcr also to the results of past actions, but this is not the most essential, even if it is thc popular, meaning. Past actions which wcre not performed according to the dharma of an individual leave residue or waste products; moreover what has aot been done, but should have bccn done in order to fulfill onc's dharma, remains as unJinilvd busines. As existence is cyclic, thc unfinished business left at the close of a cyclc rcappears during the next (or some new) cyclc as karma. This "old karma" conditions and in most cases, determines, the character of thc ncw dharma - that is, of the seed'patternof thc ncw birth.

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