By George Mills Harper, Walter Kelly Hood (eds.)

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The Measure of Things: Humanism, Humility, and Mystery

David Cooper explores and defends the view truth autonomous of human views is unavoidably indescribable, a "mystery. " different perspectives are proven to be hubristic. Humanists, for whom "man is the degree" of truth, exaggerate our means to dwell with out the feel of an self sufficient degree.

Alone with the Alone

"Henry Corbin's works are the easiest advisor to the visionary culture. .. . Corbin, like Scholem and Jonas, is remembered as a student of genius. He was once uniquely built not just to get well Iranian Sufism for the West, but additionally to protect the vital Western traditions of esoteric spirituality. "--From the creation by way of Harold BloomIbn 'Arabi (1165-1240) was once one of many nice mystics of all time.

Teachings of the Hindu Mystics

This anthology collects the main lyrical, passionate, illuminating writings of the Hindu mystical culture. Andrew Harvey, the preferred non secular student and author, has chosen excerpts from historical and modern assets, together with extracts from the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and different classical Hindu texts; the phrases of such venerable religious academics as Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi; and the devotional poetry of Mirabai, Ramprasad, and so on.

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I had known him as an uncompromising Pre-Raphaelite, and there he stood before the story of Griselda pictured in a number of episodes, the sort of thing he had admired thirty years ago. Even when I had made him understand who I was I drew him from the picture with difficulty, because his indignation that the authorities of the gallery had not thought it was worth saving from the German bombs had heightened his admiration for all pictures of XV 5 10 15 20 that type and his need for its expression.

A couple of summers ago I walked some four miles from an old tower some twice a week to where an old friend [lived]. When conversation began to flag as it will with old friends who know each others thoughts [she] would take up the "Consuelo" of George Sand [or] its sequel & read out a Chapter. As she read you xlv Editorial Introduction came into my memory, as you were when I saw you nearly thirty years ago. , in 1922). While there, he reported to Olivia Shakespear, on 27 Jy 1922, that 'an old friend' had indeed been reading to him: 'Did you ever read George Sand's Consuelo and its sequel?

I had all through my early life periods of pleasure, or at least of excitement, that altemated with periods of asceticism. 0 Rome, and from Rome to Vienna, in pursuit of a ballet dancer, and in Vienna we quarrelled. I tried to forget my sorrow in wine, but in a few weeks I had tired of that, and then, with some faint stirring of the old intereat I went to Cracow, partly because of its fame as a centre of printing, but more I think because Dr. Dee and his friend Edward Kelly had in Cracow practised alchemy and scrying.

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