By Elizabeth Peters

Banned perpetually from the jap finish of the Valley of the Kings, eminent Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson's determined try and regain digging rights backfires—and his dream of unearthing the tomb of the little-known king Tutankhamon is dashed. Now Emerson, his archaeologist spouse, Amelia Peabody, and their kinfolk needs to watch from the sidelines as Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter "discover" the best Egyptian treasure of all time. however the Emersons' personal much less amazing excavations are interrupted whilst father and son Ramses are lured right into a seize by means of an odd team of villains ominously tough solutions to a question neither guy comprehends. and it'll fall to the ever-intrepid Amelia to guard her endangered family—and might be her nemesis as well—from a devastating fact hidden uncomfortably on the subject of domestic . . . and from a nefarious plot that threatens the peace of the whole zone.

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Then it seemed to fade into the darkness, and was gone. Emerson came to a halt. ” Ramses took his torch from his pocket. Its beam failed to locate their guide, or anyone else. The buildings on either side were those of small shops, closed for the night. Some had living quarters above, but no lights showed. The windows and doors were barred. But just ahead a shape of blackness indicated an open door. “Ah,” said Emerson and plunged ahead before Ramses could stop him. He caught Emerson up at the door and pointed his torch into the room beyond.

I saw it when the scarf slipped. But I doubt they’ll stay around to be identified. They’re a ruthless lot. ” “My dear boy, you exaggerate. The family could have got out the window at any time, and the fire was no more than a distraction to keep us from following them. If they had meant us harm they’d have jumped us as soon as we entered the room. Six to two are reasonably good odds. ” “One name leaps to mind,” Emerson admitted. ” Between concern for her husband and fear for the children, Nefret was understandably uneasy.

He took the glass Ramses handed him, nodded his thanks, and launched into his tale. “No one was hurt,” he finished. “And the damage was minimal. ” “You let them get away,” I said. Emerson gave me a reproachful look. “Now, Peabody, don’t be critical. ” “I beg your pardon, Emerson,” I said. “You are quite right. It’s a pity you didn’t recognize any of them. ” “If you will forgive me,” said my husband, with excessive politeness, “you are missing the point, Peabody. We learned something very important tonight.

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