By Linda Fairstein

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Killer Mousse (Della Cooks Mystery)

Meet Della Carmichael, proprietor of a cooking university in Santa Monica, California, and, as of this week, famous person of a brand-new cable cooking convey. yet she's approximately so as to add one other credits to her r? sum? : suspect.

Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (Pizza Lovers Mysteries)

For as soon as, it kind of feels, nobody is attempting to pin a homicide on Eleanor fast, proprietor of the delicious pizzeria A Slice of enjoyment within the quiet little city of trees Ridge, North Carolina. yet an individual has to reply to for that physique in her kitchen. . . and it feels like the ultimate cease for Greg Hatcher, her deliveryman, could be the kingdom prison.

Malicious Intent

A gripping and strong new mystery -- the debut of a beautiful new voice in suspense fiction -- and the 1st visual appeal of a difficult and memorable investigator, pathologist, and forensic health practitioner, Dr. Anya Crichton. the one woman freelancer within the male-dominated box, pathologist Dr. Anya Crichton will take any paintings she will be able to locate to pay baby aid and her personal loan, get her new company off the floor, and conflict her ex-husband for custody in their three-year-old son.

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They called her in to question her and she went down to their offices without telling me or anybody else on the staff first. ” “Both of them were single,” Mike said. ” “Hard to reconstruct after the fact. Jeannie was so vague and emotional. ” “Jeannie didn’t know who would be more unhappy—Battaglia or Kitts. I couldn’t offer any advice about Rowdy, but I calmed her down about the front office. ” “You didn’t rat her out to the DA? That’s my girl, Coop. ” I stopped to tighten my scarf around my neck and brushed a branch of seaweed out of Mike’s hair.

I placed my hand on the receiver but waited for Catherine to make her point. “That’s all,” she said as they filed out. ” The phone rang for the third time and I picked it up as I tried to figure out why I was distracted by a knot that tightened in my stomach while my pals fed me the rumor about Mike. ” For each of the four I received, he must have repeatedly hectored his longtime executive assistant, Rose Malone, to try to find me. ” Battaglia hated to be the last to know anything—on the record or off—that related to any case pending in the office.

I could hear wailing now, a cacophony of voices that seemed like it could carry for miles. Cops were trying to move a small cluster of bedraggled survivors toward the dunes, to the vans waiting in the street that would shuttle them to whatever police facility Scully designated. The men were refusing to separate from their comrades despite prodding—all still focused on the others being ferried ashore, all still searching the waves for signs of missing friends. “C’mon, Coop. You’ll rerun this movie in your brain all day and all night,” Mike said, taking my arm to turn me away from the sight.

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