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Dickens' A story of 2 towns (Cliffs Notes)

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He enjoyed games of charades with his family, was an excellent amateur magician, and practiced hypnotism. One tends to share Shaw's opinion that Dickens, in his social life, was always on stage. He was like an eternal Master of Ceremonies, for the most part: flamboyant, observant, quick, dynamic, full of zest. Yet he was also restless, subject to fits of depression, and hot tempered, so that at times he must have been nearly intolerable to live with, however agreeable he was as a companion. Dickens' domestic life, in fact, was somewhat irregular.

Lorry decides to keep this a secret and takes a leave of absence from Tellson's to stay with Manette. For nine days the cobbling continues, but on the tenth the doctor awakes fully recovered and unaware of what has happened in the interim. Mr. Lorry tactfully questions him on the morning of his recovery and learns that the recurrence of his old illness was due to some particularly painful recollection, that it is not likely to recur in the future, that it was not due to overwork, and that cobbling is merely the symptom of the illness, not its cause.

There they hope to restore him to sanity and health. Five years later, in 1780, the three of them are called as witnesses in a trial at Old Bailey. The defendant, Charles Darnay, is a Frenchman living in England and earning a livelihood by tutoring. However, his trips between the two countries have led to an accusation of treason. Lucie Manette reluctantly gives damaging circumstantial evidence against him. But the prosecution's case falters when a witness cannot positively identify Darnay because of his likeness to Sydney Carton, a lawyer in the courtroom.

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