By Robert E. Cox

Outlines the foundations and mechanics of the soul physique, the religious motor vehicle that allows person realization to outlive the body’s dying

• indicates that the traditional Vedic, Egyptian, Hebraic, and Pythagorean traditions shared and understood this non secular perform
• finds smooth technological know-how as purely now awakening to this old sacred science

Ancient peoples across the world understood that specific attention is rooted in a common box of attention and is for this reason everlasting, surviving the passing of the actual physique. They engaged in religious practices to make that transition maximally auspicious. those practices should be defined as a type of alchemy, during which base components are discarded and better degrees of awareness are discovered. the result's the construction of a car, a soul physique, that incorporates attention past actual death.

These non secular arrangements are symbolized within the Vedic, Egyptian, and Hebraic traditions as a divine stairway or ladder, a step by step course of ascent within which the practitioner increases realization by means of levels till it involves leisure within the bosom of the countless, thereby changing into “immortal.” This non secular approach explains the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, for instance, whose reincarnation is proven in infancy via actual and religious symptoms, indicating that the cognizance has been carried from one lifetime to the next.

In Creating the Soul Body, Robert Cox maps the religious trip of cognizance at the back of this sacred technological know-how of immortality and divulges the perform of constructing a soul physique intimately. He additionally indicates that this historical non secular technology resembles complicated theories of contemporary technological know-how, corresponding to wave and particle conception and the unified box concept, and divulges that sleek technological know-how is barely now awakening to this historic technological know-how of “immortality.”

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The answer to this question is no, and has to be no, and not simply for the reason that all visionary discourse can be granted this title based on the etymology of apokalypsis as revelation or vision. In Gnostic Return in Modernity, I show that classical Valentinianism represents an apocalypse form distinct from that of biblical apocalyptic, even as elements of biblical apocalyptic can be found within the apocalypse discourse of Valentinianism. I suggest that hypothetically such will also be the case in modern narrative ontotheologies that are live candidates for Introduction 21 Gnostic ascription.

What does represent a development in the mature work is the clarification of what might be called the narrative, but not necessarily temporal, order of the qualities. ). At the same time, however, the qualities are not merely juxtaposed or simply structurally related. They constitute an indescerptible string arranged in an irreversible narrative order. This should come as no surprise: narrative irreversibility will be a property of the qualities as it is a property of the Principles the qualities articulate.

The manifestation of the divine, as opposed to divine self-manifestation at the level of the Quaternity, supposes a “fall” into nature and essence. 17 Eternal Nature is the nondivine other to the Unground and the quaternarian differentiation of divine selfmanifestation. It is at once the antitype of Wisdom and a dramatic specification of will articulated by the Word—indeed, the Trinity as a whole. As an antitype to Wisdom, Eternal Nature is that virulent realm of antidivine reality that occludes representation and blocks reflection.

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