By Hazrat Inayat Khan

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But i f he can learn t o be master of his3 feeling,4 he can destroy what he wishes. Notes: Sk-tp. , 1. 2. 3. 4. hwr. : "feelingsw with a few alterations. t o "his mureeds discussing" Sakina's shorthand reporting scribed by the compiler. tran- Summer School Suresnes, July 3rd, 1923 1 Buddha. Buddha was the title of Gautama. He was called Buddha because his spirit expressed the meaning of the word Buddh. The word Buddh in Sanskrit means reason. ln2 Buddhistic terminology the Spirit of Guidance i s named Buddhi Sattva, which means the essence of reason.

It may mean thatt2 of the13 kingly origin,14 that King Who is the King of all. Notes: The lecture llKrishna" has become "Religious Gathekatl no. 23, and was f i r s t published in t h e book T h e U n i t y of R e l i g i o u s I d e a l s (1929). Where llbooktt is mentioned in' t h e notes, it r e f e r s t o t h e book T h e U n i t y o f R e l i g i o u s Ideals, compiled and prepared f o r publication by Murshida Goodenough. A t a l a t e r date Sk. added "p. 169 The Unity of Religious IdealsIf in t h e margin of her sh.

38 It is easy t o say that39 'I do not like the music of Wagner, I simply hate it,' but I should think it would be better t o become40 Wagner first and then t o hate if one likes. To weigh, to measure, t o examine, t o pronounce an opinion on a great personality, one must rise t o that development first, otherwise the 41 is the way of the wise. best thing is a respectful attitude. Then there are simple people, who hear about miracles, who give all the importance t o what they have read, perhaps in the traditions about the miracles performed by the great souls.

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