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29 Sen Sahatsarangsi 32 6. Senthawari Sen Thawari takes the same course as Sen Sahatsarangsi, but on the right side of the body. Therapy: Same as Sen Sahatsarangsi. Additional indications: Jaundice and Appendicitis. Fig. 30 Senthawari 33 7. Sen Lawusang Sen Lawusang starts in the left ear, travels down the left side of the throat, then towards the nipple. It makes a slight turn thereafter towards the navel and ends at the solar plexus. Therapy: Deafness, Ear Diseases, Cough, Facial Paralysis, Toothache, Throat Ache, Chest Pain, Gastrointestinal Diseases.

There is also a branch that extends out of the nape of the neck to unite with the root of the tongue. Finally, a short branch extends from the line coming up and out from under the armpit to join at the mastoid process. 47 Fig. 41 Bladder Muscle-Tendon Meridian 48 8. Kidney Muscle-Tendon Meridian Looking at the back of a standing figure with the left heel lifted, the meridian is seen to start under his little toe. From there it travels along the spleen meridian and curves up at the arch of the foot, passing the underside of the ankle and uniting with the calf extension of the muscle-tendon meridian at the Achilles tendon.

Ascending up along the back of that finger to a point on the wrist just above it, it continues up along the middle of the forearm, joining its upper arm extension in the middle of the elbow. Proceeding up the middle of the upper arm, it unites with its neck and ear extension behind the armpit. Ascending and descending, tracing out a pattern like a Z on its side, it continues up and over the trapezius, crossing the neck and connecting at the mastoid process with a small branch entering the ear. Another branch loops up and over the ear and then dips down to end at a point on the jaw below that is slightly behind the level of the outer corner of the eye.

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