By Lena Hellström-Westas, Ingmar Rosen, Linda S. de Vries

Completely revised from analogue examples to electronic examples utilizing simultaneous twin channel EEG, An Atlas of Amplitude-Integrated EEGs within the child is the definitive medical atlas-textbook on examining Cerebral functionality computer screen (CFM) tracings. This simplified approach to non-stop amplitude-integrated EEG (EEG) tracking more and more utilized in neonatal devices is a more secure, extra trustworthy approach. Clinicians may be guided easily by way of illustrations of aEEG tracings, whereas the atlas discusses the adaptation among aEEG tracings within the fit and in danger neonate. Chapters illustrate:

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4 (a) This aEEG tracing is from a full-term infant with severe HIE. The infant was continuously gasping on the ventilator. The initial aEEG can easily be misinterpreted as a BS pattern. However, following a loading dose of vecuronium, a muscle relaxant, the aEEG became flat and revealed the true state of cerebral function in this infant. After about 2 h, the effect of the muscle-paralyzing agent was wearing off. The gasping started again, and in the aEEG again a BS-like background was seen. The impedance was low all the time.

This is presumably one reason why the presence or absence of arousal responses has not been associated with prognosis in several aEEG studies. Handling of the infant, as well as administration of drugs, should always be marked on the recording. 56 Repeated gasping or other repeated motor activity may be misinterpreted as a discontinuous EEG pattern in infants with very poor and depressed EEG background, and inspection of the original EEG does not always solve this interpretational problem. 3). As discussed in Chapter 2, great emphasis is given to the minimum amplitude level of the aEEG trace, for evaluation of both continuous and discontinuous EEG patterns.

44 In this proposal we have used and modified some of the classifications described above. The classification does not include evaluation of background patterns and amplitudes in relation to normative data for different GAs. 12). 2 Classification of aEEG background patterns The background pattern describes the dominating type of electrocortical activity in the aEEG trace: • Continuous (C): continuous activity with lower (minimum) amplitude around (5)–7–10 µV, and maximum amplitudes 10–25(–50) µV.

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