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The Who's Who of Nobel Prize Winners 1901-2000: Fourth Edition

The who is Who of Nobel Prize Winners is a one-stop resource of unique details at the women and men who earned the Nobel Prize throughout the twentieth century. geared up chronologically through prize, every one vast article includes in-depth details at the laureate's lifestyles and profession in addition to a specific checklist of his or her courses and biographical assets at the person.

Jazz Conception for Saxophone Duets

One of many world's most well-liked jazz duet books. Designed for sax, yet appropriate for many treble clef tools. highly regarded with lecturers as the Duets are hip and enjoyable to play! Please word: duets are written for two Eb saxes or 2BB (not one among each). each one music at the CD is recorded in 2 keys to facilitate 2 altos or 2 tenors.

Fact of Fiction: Science Tackles 58 Popular Myths

Truth or Fiction: technological know-how Tackles fifty eight renowned Myths through the Editors of medical American

Did NASA fairly spend thousands making a pen that will write in area? Is chocolate toxic to canines? Does tension reason grey hair? those questions are only a pattern of the city lore investigated during this booklet, truth or Fiction: technology Tackles fifty eight renowned Myths. Drawing from clinical American’s “Fact or Fiction” and “Strange yet precise” columns, we’ve chosen fifty eight of the main dazzling, attention-grabbing, worthwhile and simply undeniable wacky subject matters faced by way of our writers through the years. each one short article uncovers the reality in the back of daily mythology, beginning with part One, “In the Animal Kingdom,” the place we research a few of the extra outlandish claims approximately our fellow earthly population, equivalent to no matter if elephants quite take note every thing and even if a cockroach can stay with no its head. different sections disguise copy, the surroundings, know-how and private and psychological health and wellbeing. whereas the solutions to a few questions, similar to no matter if bogs particularly do flush within the other way south of the Equator, may perhaps in simple terms serve to elevate your Trivial Pursuit wisdom, others, equivalent to no matter if to pee on a jellyfish sting or wake a sleepwalker, may possibly come in useful. even if this e-book represents a fragment of circulating folks knowledge and concrete mythology, we are hoping that it’s an stress-free fraction and that it encourages you to do a little debunking your self.

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As odor chemist George Preti of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia explains, ambergris molecules are lipophilic (fat-loving), as are perfume molecules, but the ambergris molecules are larger and heavier. "The odor molecules have a high affinity for the other lipophilic molecules, so they stay associated with the ambergris molecules and don't go into the vapor phase all at once," Preti says. American perfume companies no longer mix ambergris into their fragrances, most likely because of confusing legalities surrounding its sale here.

Lucas likens this behavior to that of bonobos, primates that can imitate some tonal patterns, including vowel sounds, pitch changes, and rhythms, studies show. "The vocal skills of some of the dogs and cats on YouTube suggest that they might also have some selective tonal imitation skills," he says. What's happening between dog and owner-turned-voice-coach is fairly straightforward, Coren says: Owner hears the dog making a sound that resembles a phrase, says the phrase back to the dog, who then repeats the sound and is rewarded with a treat.

The parents will welcome it back with open wings. --Originally published: Scientific American Online July 26, 2007. Pets Protect Children against Allergies by Melinda Wenner Pets do an awful lot for kids: they teach them about unconditional love, responsibility, death and, of course, pooper scoopers. But does a dog or cat also keep a child from developing allergies? " The idea that pets might provide an immune benefit stems from a controversial theory born in 1989 called the hygiene hypothesis.

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