By Matityahu Glazerson

Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection among Jewish mysticism and vintage astrology by way of bringing up the various references scattered all through Jewish literature to the impact of the celebs on human future. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson provides a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology in keeping with kabbalah, summarizing the complicated process of components in Jewish notion that correlates to every astrological signal. The publication additionally explains the original courting the Jewish humans need to astrology, and below what situations astrological consultations are approved to contributors.

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This contrast of meaning tells us, according to Rabbi Zaddok Hakohen (Pri Tzadik, Bamidbar), that although the month of Av carries with it the connotation of stern judgment now, in the future this month will turn into a period of joy and gladness, of the celebration of the marriage between God and the Jewish people. The double meaning of the month of Av reveals itself as well in the letter that gave this month its form, the letter Teth. In its negative aspect it symbolizes teet Clime pit)-death (see Otyot d 'Rabbi A kiva, explanation of the meaning of the Hebrew letters according to Rabbi Akiva, letter Teth), whereas in its positive aspect it is the beginning of the word tov (goodness).

Each group follows a certain pattern, consisting of the structural order of function, stabilization, and change. Thus, each group shares similar characteristics with the others. Accordingly, Nissan, Tammuz, Tishrei, and Tevet correspond to function; Iyar, Av, Cheshvan, and Shevat correspond to stabilization; and Sivan, Elul, Kislev, and Adar correspond to change. Each of these changing months (of which Sivan is the first) brought about, in the course of Jewish history, some new dimension that caused a forward movement and development.

The sign of this month indicates that, during this time, man's deeds are weighed upon scales. The tribe of this month is Ephraim (the son of Joseph). The combination of the letters of the divine Name, associated with this month is Vav, Heh, Yod, Heh. The essential nature of this month is symbolized in the image of sexual union. The name of this month, Tishrei, indicates that it is the beginning of a new year for it contains the same letters as the word bereshith (beginning). The fact that the letters of the name Tishrei proceed in the opposite way of the natural order of the aleph-beth (Tav, the first letter, is the last letter of the aleph-beth; Shin, the next letter in Tishrei, is the second from the end, and similarly for the Resh) points to Tishrei as being a time of judgment.

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