By Chris Cavender

Considering the fact that part the city observed Judson inflicting a ruckus in A Slice of enjoyment ahead of he expired, Eleanor and her saucy sister, Maddie, are the leading suspects. the single means out is to end up their innocence. quickly, a bit surreptitious sleuthing finds that the dough at the back of Judson's coming near near pizzeria got here from trees Ridge's resident recluse: crusty oddball millionaire Nathan Pane. It seems he is Judson's long-lost uncle...and anyone is after him, too. As Eleanor digs deeper, her suspect record grows longer than the neighborhood soccer team's pizza order - and existence within the as soon as quiet city heats up like Maddie's five-alarm Volcano pie. may possibly it's Judson's gold-digging sister? Or her mystery boyfriend? among engaged on the case, holding her buyers chuffed, or even discovering time for an past love, Eleanor's plate is complete. yet with an unhinged assassin remaining in, she'll need to circulate in a short time - and extremely conscientiously - as the killer is already a lot nearer than she thinks...

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I glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that we still had ten minutes before we were due to open for our evening shift. It was rare for one of them to come early, but the fact that they were together meant that something was up, and from the expressions on their faces, it wasn’t good. I let them in. “Josh knows what’s going on,” Greg said. Wonderful. “I suppose you two are ready to go confront Judson Sizemore again,” I said. “That’s one way to go,” Josh said, and I marveled again about just how much he looked like his father had at that age.

She smiled. ” “Too many to name,” I agreed. ” she said as she washed her hands and started prepping the vegetables and meats for our pizzas and subs. I loved the morning hours before we opened. It was the only time of day that Maddy and I had a chance to work together and chat, and as much as I objected sometimes to her subject matter, it was great having her close. My sister had been a real sport, moving back to town when my husband died to help me out in my darkest hour. It just so happened she’d been between husbands at the time, but I had a feeling that she would have found a way to come back anyway.

Okay. ” I wasn’t sure who was about to walk into my kitchen—but it certainly wasn’t anyone I would have guessed in a thousand tries—when the door opened and my visitor walked in. Chapter 3 “Hey, Eleanor,” David Quinton said as he walked in. ” I asked. He looked good, strong and tan. There was something about the way he carried himself that told me he was not the same man who’d left town a few months before. ” he asked with a smile. “You don’t want any part of this,” I said as I looked down at my dirty apron.

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