By J. Forrest Sharpe, D. Liam O'Huallachain, Thomas Naylor, Fr. Lawrence Smith

The writings gathered listed below are from a faculty of English thinkers within the Thirties and Nineteen Forties who have been interested in the determined kingdom of recent society. The writers contain G. ok. Chesterton, H. J. Massingham, Eric Gill, Hilaire Belloc, Herbert Shove, and Arthur Penty. They examine a number of elements of the matter of capitalist society; the origins, merits, and demerits of industrialism; the significance of artwork to society and its sufferance lower than capitalism; the scale of business association and its relevance to potency; the character and function of labor as an idea; and the the most important nature of figuring out the current via actual wisdom of the prior.

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Though he may think himself a giant, his limbs do not really elongate themselves along all the roads of a continent; and, though he is very frequently a fool, his eyes are not in that sense in the ends of the earth. He can only reach out to all these remote things through a long series of intermediaries, generally in literally enormous numbers, as in the case of armies of organised labour. Other men must plant the forest, and they may strike. Other men must bombard the city, and they may mutiny.

St. ” The perspective proper to man is not one that focuses upon himself, for in such a case he will find himself blind, seeing neither himself in his myopia nor the world in his disdain. Man’s proper perspective is one of seeking God; and in seeking Him, finding Him; and in finding, Him seeing Him; and in seeing Him, being able at last to see himself as he is meant to be: “In action like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! ” In short, man will see himself at last in Heaven.

This is the bright side of the picture, and if merchants were content to perform the service legitimately belonging to their occupation this is where things would stop. It is the proper function of a wise legislature to check the avarice of merchants and the temptation of the producers at this point. Unfortunately, under “free competition,” this is not done and the further stages, leading to the “territorial” division of labour in respect of the supply of raw material and food, are embarked on without a realisation of their ultimate effect.

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