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Since its inception, Social Security has provided much-needed benefits to young people as well. Before Social Security was adopted in 1935 the federal government played a limited role in providing assistance to needy Americans, including needy children. ) and the Congress to act. R. " This depression, which lasted throughout the 1930s, was the worst our country had ever experienced. Millions of people lost their jobs. Thousands of family farms failed. Even local governments went bankrupt. At the height of the depression nearly onequarter of Americans were unemployed.

For the purpose of enabling each State to extend and improve, as far as practicable under the conditions in such State, services for promoting the health of mothers and children, especially in rural areas and in areas suffering from severe economic distress, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated for each fiscal year, beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30, 1936, the sum of $3,800,000. The sums made available under this section shall be used for making payments to States which 30 LANDMARK CONGRESSIONAL LAWS ON YOUTH have submitted, and had approved by the Chief of the Children's Bureau, State plans for such services.

The Civil Rights Movement made several contributions to American politics, too many to detail here, but two in particular must be mentioned. First, it included major, nationwide efforts on behalf of African-American and other minority children in seeking desegregated schools and enhanced educational opportunities for all students. Second, it paved the way for advocacy by other groups seeking civil rights, including women, the disabled, other racial and ethnic minorities, and, finally, children.

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