By Heinz D. Kurz

This assortment bargains a severe review of the printed works of Piero Sraffa, one of many major economists of the 20th century, and their legacy for the economics career. the themes coated discover Sraffa's interpretation of the classical economists; his thought of worth and distribution; his critique of partial and basic neoclassical equilibrium conception; his specialise in the matter of capital; and his critique of Hayek's financial overinvestment idea of the enterprise cycle. particular concerns investigated comprise intertemporal basic equilibrium idea and the capital challenge; the chance of reswitching; Ricardo, Malthus, and the corn version; and the which means and implication of the capital controversy. one of the individuals are some of the world's best scholars of Sraffian economics.

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P. 71). This variation in the time profile traced by the price of the ageing fixed capital good when the rate of profits changes is exclusively due to the necessity of maintaining the uniformity in price of all items of the commodity irrespective of the age of the fixed capital goods by means of which they are respectively produced. Obviously, the area below such a curve, defined for a particular level of r, is a measure of the aggregate value of a capital stock consisting of n pieces of the durable instrument of uniform age distribution.

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