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Levity of Design: Man and Modernity in the Poetry of J. H. Prynne

How can poetry include morality via concentrating on metaphrasts? what's the relation among an allummette and the alpha rhythm? Why is it that money has changed into a metonym of goodness and good fortune? And particularly, is it nonetheless attainable to consider the human topic as a attainable classification in overdue modernity?

The Well-Tun'd Word: Musical Interpretations of English Poetry, 1597-1651

The years 1957–1651 marked a interval of excessive fulfillment within the background of track. within the Well-Tun'd be aware Elise Bickford Jorgens experiences altering musical conventions of English track on the subject of new styles in poetic style from the overdue Elizabethan period during the Jacobean and Caroline years, basing her paintings at the premise that any musical environment of a poem is an interpretation of the poem itself.

Jane Austen's names : riddles, persons, places

In Jane Austen’s works, a reputation isn't only a identify. in truth, the names Austen offers her characters and areas are as wealthy in sophisticated that means as her prose itself. Wiltshire, for instance, the house county of Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey, is a clue that this heroine isn't as silly as she turns out: in accordance with legend, crafty Wiltshire citizens stuck hiding contraband in a pond capitalized on a name for lack of expertise by way of claiming they have been digging up a “big cheese”—the moon’s mirrored image at the water’s floor.

Defoe and the Whig Novel: A Reading of the Major Fiction

His research areas Defoe's significant fiction squarely within the rising Whig tradition of the early eighteenth century. It bargains a substitute for the view that Defoe is basically a author of legal or experience fiction and to the Marxist judgment that he extols individualism or derives his maximum idea from well known print tradition.

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A l t h o u g h frequent iconoclastic i n t e r r u p t i o n , and the verbal t e x t u r e ali the w o r k of Osborne and Wesker has been praised as an energetic give each of the novels a certain amount of d i s t i n c t i o n . In addi- antidote to a theater long dominated by ingenious productions t i o n , the process of k n o c k i n g d o w n and setting up roles, of con- of the classics or insipid l i t t l e comedies assuming t h a t manners stantly showing the i n c o n g r u i t y between the role and the vague have really n o t changed since 1 9 1 4 , the praise has centered on and disparate reality it is supposed to reprcsent, is surely f u n n y .

Little people who count their pensions before they're out of school . . little petty bourgeois. [P- 94-] A f t e r his mother leaves, T o n y turns to Rosemary to deliver the final lines of the p l a y : Rosemary, listen—never in the whole history of the world have people made a battle-cry out of being ordinary. Never. Supposing we ali said to the politicians—we refuse to be heroic. We refuse to be brave. We are bored with ali the noble gestures—what then, Rosemary? . Leave us alone, we'll say.

It seems to me wrong that so many people should be saddened and discouraged by this sudden violent crisis we are ali living through: it is a crisis in the battle of t r u t h against lies, of 66 LESSING'S I N T E N S E LESSING'S C O M M I T M E N T I N T E N S E C O M M I T M E N T 67 stories and novels. F r e q u e n t l y the theme of the w o r k is whether nesses and never getting an answer back. That's socialism. I suppose it's progress. Why not? To every man his wife and two children and a chicken in the pot on Sundays.

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