By Lev Alburt

This e-book deals a really slender commencing repertoire, yet that is not inevitably a foul factor. i feel that it is important to advance a extra particular repertoire and to turn into knowledgeable in a single specific commencing, instead of spending massive quantities of time on various openings whilst one might serve simply high quality. This e-book can be effortless to learn, with beneficial "main strains" in daring print and big chess diagrams, after which "sidelines" in commonplace print and smaller diagrams. this can be the type of chess publication you do not need a chess board to learn, that is lovely dang infrequent on the earth of chess books. I definetly reccomend this booklet.

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This publication is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections akin to marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages.

Better Chess for Average Players (Dover Books on Chess)

Transparent, user-friendly consultant by way of famous professional coaches readers via basics of attacking and positional play, in addition to find out how to procedure the endgame. the most important methods of assessing positions and selecting strikes are tested intensive; additionally, find out how to focus on tough positions and time-trouble. 384 diagrams.

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LEL‰º ºš>~º CUL‰‰º ˆ $Ǯ  Ǯ  ÿǮ#Ǯ
 Ǯ¥DǫǮ Ǯ#ǮǮ ÿ Ǯ Ǯ ǮǮ ç  ǮǮ   Ǯ +ʦ ʦ ʦ ǽʦ ʦ )ʦ 'Õ ¥ʦ Þ ʦ Ɩʦ Þʦ ÙÚ ʦ | Ǯ  Ǯ  Ǯ —Ǯ Q:,Ǯ 3Ǯ # Ǯ    Ǯ#Ǯ E ǮǮ#Ǯ. E Ǯ#ž #Ǯ#ǮǮǮ jǮ3Ǯ ǮǮǮ ǮǮǮ$Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ ǮǮǮ  Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ3Ǯ    ǮǮ Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ <Ǯ  Ǯ $Ǯ N<Ǯ <q # Ǯ KǮ  Ǯ Ǯ   Ǯ Ǯ   Ǯ  hě ¸ě  Ǯ #Ǯ  Ǯ  ǮǮ  ǮǮ ǮǮǮǮ #Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ #Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ  Ǯ A#  Ǯ3Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ#Ǯ3Ǯ ǮǮ #Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ #Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ 0#9Ǯ Ě ›#Ǯ —Ǯ  hě ě ě 5Sěžiě ě ě "ě ʦ ʦ Q&Ǯ¥QǮ¥ QǮQ%Ǯ Đ̬ ¥ &ǮQ+ǮQ ‘ QǮ Q4Ǯ> QǮ > QǮ Ǯ    Ǯ #Ǯ ǮǮ #Ǯ   ǮǮ 
Ǯ#Ǯ#Ǯ—Ǯ  Ǯ#Ǯ  ǮǮǮ ʦ a† ) ʦ#2ʦ A#Ǯ n U 9ǮǮ —ǮǮ#Ǯ—ǮǮ Ǯ Á#$ǮǮ ǮǮ  Ǯ/  Ǯ ‡  Ǯ #Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ #Ǯ ʦ ´ʦ  ʦ  ʦ#2ʦ ʦ A#Ǯ  ž—Ǯ  ŴǮ -Ǯ Q+Ǯ&Ǯ%ǮQ4Ǯ>QǮ> &ǮQ›Ǯ¥ #QǮ >&Ǯ 8 Ǯ Q›Ǯj  > Ǯ QMM$Ǯ 0#Ǯ  .

Ǯ,Ǯ. ďʦ [>ʦš š> ’m<[ʦ>ʦ c<>ʦµƷ(ʦAǮǮ ǮČ39 ǮǮ"Ǯ Ǯ   Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ 9ǮjǮ AǮ "Ǯ  Ǯ ǮǮǮ Ǯ 09Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ ,Ǯ ǮǮ
0ě Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ pǮ 7<º ˆ | ¯ º™º žLº ˆ–@º|^LEL‰º ˆº›>~º CUL‰‰º < Ǯ5  Ǯ 5 5 Ǯ"Â. ǮǮǮ  ǮǮ+§2ǮǮǮHǮ Ǯ GǮ  *Ǯ  Ǯ *Ǯ ʦ   ʦF ʦ ʦʦ *Ǯ ǮkC*‡ klǮǮǮ ó" ǮǮǮA " Ǯ Ǯ IǮ +ʦ #7*I <   ?

2Ǯ „ ? UǮ :š:Ǯ :Ǯ „ +DǮ ĝ4Ǯ   Ǯ ^_? ǮÛ%Ǯ %ǮT3Ÿʦ )Ǯ X? Ǯ 'ǮÛ%h-Ǯ  ǮǮǮǮ<" .  šH Ǯ  Ǯ “Ǯ   Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ 2+:IǮ „ʦ ’Ǯ ÊÊÊǮ www† 7=º A*Ǯ *ǮǮlTǮǮ Ǯ / l9*Ǯ Ĵ ‰ ,Ǯ * Ǯ Ǯ  l*Ǯ Ǯ ”K *Ǯ * 9ǮǮ&,Ǯ*Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ ǮǮ ǮǮǮ  Ǯ*Ǯà‹IǮ%Ǯ Ǯ c'Ǯ ǮǮ T Ǯ  Ǯ 3Ǯ3Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ‰ Ǯ*Ǯ Ǯ *. Ǯ 8%Ǯ &Ǯ :5:Ǯ +Ǯ đ &Ǯ ë &Ǯ 4Ǯ c)Ǯ ë%,Ǯ ǮǮ%Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ &,Ǯ*Ǯ Ǯ ** T-Ǯ %Ǯ   Z Ǯ %Ǯ +Ǯ c %Ǯ  %Ǯ 4Ǯ &Ǯ ë+Ǯ ǑǮ EǮ   Ǯ Ǯ * *ǮǮǮ  24:*,ǮǮǮ*ǮǮ Ǯ ǮǮ Ǯ * Ǯ ,Ǯ *ǮǮ  Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ  Ǯ * *Ǯ  Ǯ Ǯ *Ǯ    ǮǮ  ǮvǮ AǮ *Ǯ Ǯ 4Ǯ  ë Ǯ +Ǯ*Ǯ .

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