By Paul Heger

A few literary expressions within the useless Sea Scrolls led students to allege that their authors professed a dualistic and deterministic worldview of Zoroastrian beginning and that the omission of Moses and Sinai from the Enoch writings evinces phase in Jewish society marginalized the Torah, adopting Enoch s prophecies as its moral instruction. This research demanding situations those allegations as totally conflicting with crucial biblical doctrines and the unequivocal ideals and expectancies of Qumran s Torah-centered society, arguing that students allegations are erroneously in line with examining old texts with a latest mind-set and prompted by way of the interpreter s own cultural history. The learn translates the appropriate texts in a fashion suitable with the presumed doctrines of historic Jewish authors and readers.

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Mez. b. This narrative recounts a miraculous divine intervention on the side of Rabbi Eleazar’s opinion and in conflict with that of the majority of Sages. “Rabbi Joshua, in the name of the Sages, stood up [in defiance] and said: ‘[The Torah] is [no longer] in heaven [cf. 47 Supporting their decision by appropriate exegesis of the relevant biblical 43 In modern terms we would say that the “Law” consists of norms of universally accepted essential principles and that each judge decides, on the basis of these principles, the law’s application in each particular case.

14 rabbinic and qumran interpretation systems  study and its particular ùøãî midrashic interpretation. 21 Qumran also used ùøãî with a variety of meanings, according to context. In QS VI:, the phrase ãçé ùøãîá åèôùå22 is translated by Martínez as “they shall judge in an examination of the Community”; by Vermes as “. . the Court of Inquiry”; and by Wise and Abegg as “. . ”23 At any rate, it cannot be interpreted here as 19 Moshe J. ” Rabbinic midrash does the opposite. ” In fact, in his subsequent elaboration of his opening statement, cited above, he enumerates the Midrashei halakhah, which do not include simple-sense interpretations.

The íùà offering is consumed by the priests, as appears explicitly in Lev :–, but the term with the suffix “to God” implies that it should be burnt to God upon the altar. ” By an additional convoluted conjecture, the consequence of his midrash is applied to grant to the priests the skins of the holocaust offerings and the meat of the guilt offerings, despite the fact that all the cited verses refer indiscriminately to both guilt and sin offerings. 15 Rashi uses two main literary styles in making his distinction between the two interpretation systems.

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