By Vasily; Tahl, Mijail; Yudasin, Leonid; Tukmakov, Vladimir Smyslov

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This e-book is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages.

Better Chess for Average Players (Dover Books on Chess)

Transparent, elementary consultant through famous specialist coaches readers via basics of attacking and positional play, in addition to the right way to process the endgame. an important strategies of assessing positions and selecting strikes are tested intensive; additionally, tips on how to deal with tricky positions and time-trouble. 384 diagrams.

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G. : i P QKt4 We ; 2 BXP Pawn PXR or King, White (remaining a Pawn), (at Kty), etc. approve of the decision of the Committee of the London Chess Congress, of " 1862, although the dummy Pawn rule was denounced by some authorities. In Italy the Pawn was formerly always retained at the eighth square as a temporary "dummy" Pawn until a piece was captured for which it could be exchanged. " It sometimes happens that a player can win a game by claiming a minor piece or a lose by claiming a Queen. Rook when he would 3.

14. MINOR The Knights and Bishops PIECES. are termed minor pieces to distin- guish them from the Queen and Rooks. 15. Rows AND game they ranks, are in and the 1 6. FILE. two When ranks. " THE EXCHANGE. Winning or losing a Rook for a minor piece is called win- ning or losing the exchange. A word derived from the Italian, signifying to trip up in wrestling, 17. GAMBIT. used in Chess phraseology in certain openings, in which a player sacrifices a Pawn for the sake of obtaining an attack. The Pawn thus sacrificed is called the "gambit" Pawn.

Buckle, the author of " The History of Civilization" was one of the greatest Chess masters of our age. Leibtional Mendelssohn, Alfred de Musset, Frederic the Great, Napoleon I, were fond of the game and most of those famous men are reported to nitz, Voltaire, Lessing, and William I, have acquired great skill as players. The literature of the game belongs to the oldest on record in many languages, and been in time has instrumental in increase our greatly reviving the general popurapid as it has facilitated the study of the openings and of our of practical expastime, larity The spread of the game all over the civilized world is, amples of play between masters.

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