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Vice Presidents, 4th Edition (Political Biographies)

Political and ancient, Vice Presidents collects the lifestyles tales of each guy that has held this place of work. every one expertly written biography addresses the country of the rustic on the time those males have been in place of work and contours: An research of winning political stipulations The competition The relationships among the vice chairman and presidents The political machinations of those males, a few of whom received the final word prize, presidency an entire chronology of the political background of the us from 1789 to 2000.

Metastasis of Breast Cancer (Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment)

Metastasis (spread of melanoma within the physique) is the most reason behind dying for sufferers with breast melanoma, the major woman tumour within the industrialised international locations and constructing international locations alike. The biology and remedy of breast melanoma metastasis continues to be an lively quarter of medical and scientific research.

Marijuana and Madness: Psychiatry and Neurobiology

This finished and updated review of the psychiatry and neuroscience of hashish sativa (marijuana) locations specific emphasis on psychotic issues. It outlines the most recent examine improving our wisdom of the human cannabinoid method, and hyperlinks it to medical and epidemiological proof in regards to the effect of hashish on psychological healthiness.

Biophysics and Structure to Counter Threats and Challenges

This ASI introduced jointly a various workforce of specialists who span virology, biology, biophysics, chemistry, physics and engineering. favorite academics representing international well known scientists from 9 (9) varied international locations, and scholars from worldwide representing eighteen (18) nations, participated within the ASI prepared by means of Professors Joseph Puglisi (Stanford college, united states) and Alexander Arseniev (Moscow, RU).

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Flagella are whiplike structures that usually occur one to a few per cell and have an undulating motion. Cilia are shorter and move in concert, like oars, with alternating power and recovery strokes. Sporozoa are either nonmotile or very slow. Other organelles that are widely distributed among protozoa include food vacuoles, in which ingested particles are digested, and lysosomes that Protozoa fuse with food vacuoles and supply digestive enzymes. Contractile vacuoles, common in freshwater protozoa, eliminate water that moves into the cells by osmosis.

This asexual mode of reproduction leads to rapid population growth of a clone of genetically identical cells. However, sex is widespread in protozoa and complicated life histories do exist. Sexuality is associated with environmental change and interrupts asexual reproduction; sex in protozoa usually marks the end of the existence of a genetically unique individual, when it becomes the gamete (reproductive cell) or gametes. Protozoa are ubiquitous (found everywhere); they are present in all aquatic or moist environments, and their cysts can be found in even the most inhospitable parts of the biosphere.

The disease cystic fibrosis has now been defined as mutations in a particular gene that codes for a cell membrane protein that functions to pump chloride ions out of the cell. This protein in cystic fibrosis is defective in this function because the amino acid sequence is different from normal. SEE ALSO Amino Acid; Enzymes; Genetic Diseases; Membrane Transport; Nuclear Transport; Protein Synthesis; Protein Targeting Byron Anderson Bibliography Alberts, Bruce, et al. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 4th ed.

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