By Cicero; D. R. Shackleton Bailey

The six speeches contained during this quantity, introduced upon Cicero's effective go back from exile in 57-56 B.C., are the following dropped at existence by means of a very good new English translation that's in line with a much better Latin textual content. The notes accompanying the interpretation are written with the overall reader in brain, whereas the 2 indices give you the identical of an onomasticon for those six speeches.

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72-92). A brief digression (ss. 92-94) is followed by another justification of his retirement in March 58 (ss. 95-99). The rest of the speech up to the peroration challenges the legality of the consecration on a variety of grounds, procedural and general. The Pontiffs decided in Cicero's favor. 2) written shortly afterwards, he describes the speech as one of his very best and says that he intends to publish it without delay. , in s. 44) and surely would have removed a discrepancy to which L. 2 In ss.

75-77. 20. Cf. Red. sen. 7, and see Glossary of Terms. 31 BACK FROM EXILE extraordinary, wonderful good will and zeal on my behalf; they had courage, energy, prestige, auxiliary force in abundance. At the behest of Publius Lentulus, his colleague joining in the motion, with one dissentient 21 but no veto, a crowded Senate enhanced my dignity in terms that could not have been more generous, and commended my cause to you and to all townships and colonies. [16] Thus it was that my cause, the cause of a man without kin, with no band of kinsfolk to defend him, was continually pleaded before you by Consuls, Praetors, Tribunes, the Senate, and all Italy.

The Consul Lentulus. 16 SPEECH OF THANKS IN THE SENATE was his affection for me and his zeal for the Commonwealth that he devised a way not only to relieve my misfortune, but to lend it dignity. Could anything happen to me more glorious and splendid than what you decreed on his motion: that all who wished well to the Commonwealth should come from all over Italy to restore and defend me, one man, a man broken almost beyond mending? Only three times in the history of Rome 62 have those words been used by a Consul; used, however, on behalf of the entire Commonwealth and only to those within sound of his voice; but used now by the whole Senate in order to summon Rome's citizens and all Italy from every district and town to uphold the cause of a single individual.

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