By William Keiper

Even supposing the identify Apple for President! is, i'm hoping, a little bit provocative, the subject material is critical. As electorate, we will not stand round passively hoping new financial platform will by some means spontaneously take form and lift us out of our monetary problems. Our government's unapologetic habit to borrowing and the pervasive monetary demanding situations of a lot of our voters are transparent signs of the value of the problem. Our present kind of government-operating lower than a similar constitution first followed while our structure was once ratified in 1788-has now not saved up with the complexity and speed of our occasions. accordingly, no person president-no subject how terrific or proficient with management and different skills-can exhibit the way in which ahead within the construction of a brand new fiscal platform. we want a versatile democracy to satisfy the demanding situations of the days. making a shift of the importance now required will necessitate making use of the simplest of our political management and the easiest of our deepest region acumen and brilliance--all within the provider of reengineering our govt and financial system. Apple for President! is an concept whose time has come. Award-winning writer and grasp game-changer William Keiper, presently has one other best-selling e-book: lifestyles Expectancy: It's by no means Too overdue to alter Your video game.

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5 %, beginning a series of debasements that over the next two centuries would see the silver content of Rome’s currency reduced to almost nothing (Fig. 43 Subsequently, when a desolated Europe began to revive out of the Dark Ages, currencies with names denoting the weight of precious metals embedded in them were established, such as the English pound and French livre. Well before the widespread adoption of paper currency reduced the commercial relevance 40 Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, 412–413.

With paper, an institution, usually a bank, will have an interest in maximizing the amount of notes it can issue through its lending activities so as to augment its interest income. That this does not necessarily align with the interests of the community is something that becomes evident where the amount of the note issuance reaches a point at which these cannot all be redeemed for species or the boom created by the excess lending turns into a bust. Another oft-cited justification for the state’s regulation of money is that it is uniquely positioned, by virtue of its legitimacy and authority, to certify that certain pieces of metal and paper are actually worth as much as indicated on the currency.

41 An analogous, though ultimately more destabilizing, depreciation took place later after Rome had become an empire. That political behemoth had to finance a growing bureaucracy, an extensive system of handouts and entertainments to mollify the populace, persistent trade deficits fueled by the import of luxuries from the East, and, most importantly, a considerable military force to defend its far-flung borders. To pay for all this, the Roman Empire continuously debased its denarii. At the time of Nero in the first century CE, these silver coins were made up of 99 % pure silver.

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