By Wiebke Kuklys

Kuklys examines how Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen’s method of welfare dimension should be installed perform for poverty and inequality dimension in prosperous societies reminiscent of the united kingdom. Sen argues that an individual’s welfare shouldn't be measured when it comes to her source of revenue, yet in phrases what she will be able to truly do or be, her services. In Chapters 1 and a pair of, Kuklys describes the aptitude strategy from a typical welfare fiscal viewpoint and gives a accomplished literature assessment of the empirical functions during this quarter of study. within the ultimate chapters, novel econometric thoughts are hired to operationalise the recommendations of functionings and potential to enquire inequality and poverty by way of power within the united kingdom. Kuklys reveals that strength dimension is usually an invaluable supplement to standard financial research, and especially so in terms of capability-deprived disabled individuals.

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2 we discussed that multidimensional welfare measurement in the functionings space is likely to be a fruitful complement to traditional welfare analysis in the income space. We concluded that the empirical analyses using Sen's capability approach to welfare evaluation are still of a rather exploratory nature and that little consensus exists as to how to measure the functionings. Our aim in this chapter is to critically review the techniques applied to functionings measurement in the empirical capability literature and suggest structural equation modelling (SEM) as an alternative.

This is in line with empirical research in policy evaluation, where heterogeneous preferences are routinely modelled by conditioning the estimations on a range of sociodemographic characteristics. However, such techniques only allow for a crude differentiation of utility functions across demographic subgroups. This literature has recently been enhanced: for example, the importance of differential responses to policy because of heterogeneous preferences is analysed by Browning, Hansen and Heckman [28] and Heckman [65].

The measurement of potential functionings introduces additional measurement problems, such as measuring what an individual could have achieved but did not, which we consider beyond the scope of this chapter. For literature on capability measurement see Alkire [2] and Chap. 5 in this book. 3 Functionings Achievement: Measurement and Modelling 33 societal and environmental circumstances such as presence of a physical disability, legal norms, or climate conditions, fi is a conversion function that maps characteristics of goods into states of being or activities bj, conditional on Zj,z s ,z e ; Xi is the resource constraint, corresponding to the budget constraint in the standard model, but including non-market goods and services; Fi is the set of all possible conversion functions.

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