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Chess Generalship V1: Grand Reconnaissance

This e-book is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections corresponding to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages.

Better Chess for Average Players (Dover Books on Chess)

Transparent, effortless consultant by way of famous specialist coaches readers via basics of attacking and positional play, in addition to how you can method the endgame. the most important approaches of assessing positions and selecting strikes are tested intensive; additionally, the right way to do something about tough positions and time-trouble. 384 diagrams.

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B5 Black's prospects would already be slightly bet­ ter than in the variation indicated above. This pretty stroke completely frees Black's game and after White yields to the temptation to win the exchange gives very good prospects of victory. It is surprising that Dr. Vidmar prefers this dubious enterprise to the alterna­ tive 1 8 . 4J x h 7 4Jf6 (or 1 8 . . �xb2 1 9 . 4Jg5 with chances for both sides. After the following variation he should have lost. 18 ... 'lil'f3 etc. would lead to a lost endgame for White), Black has only technical work to do.

Xc7+ It does not make a difference whether White exchanges the queens or not af­ ter his 1 7th move; neither of the play­ ers has serious chances in either the middlegame or endgame. 22 ... �xc7 23 . Ae2 a6 26. bbl 3 5 . E! h h 8 3 6 . E! E! hb8 37. b2 Ad7 38. E! b7 39 . dxe5 II. Black prepares and actually plays b5. 42 . . d4 III. Black gradually brings his passed pawn to a3 where it is weaker than at a5 ! 49 ... ,E! xb7 f! -'te2? g3 and wins. 53 . . �b2 �c5 5 8 . f! d7 59 . Ae2 IV. Black prepares and at last makes the decisive mistake.

Would in­ crease Black's difficulties. a51 Black, on the contrary, plays - until the fatal mistake - very well. The text move not only secures the knight's position, but also opens a new field of activity for the bishop. J;td3 This bishop excursion does not lead to anything. b3 followed by a3 and b4. �f3 20 ... llc6 was dan­ gerous for Black. 24... §g5 With the idea ofplanting this rook at f6 where it will occupy a strong defensive position. White could prevent this ma­ neuver by 25 . lld3, but continues in­ stead to make an irrelevant move.

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