By Norman L. Geisler

The publication is split up into 4 significant parts,

Part one: notion of the Bible

Part : Canonization of the Bible

Part 3: Transmission of the Bible

Part 4: Translation of the Bible

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Furthermore, all of these passages—whatever specific quotations or general references—imply an authoritative collection of writings. The expression “it is written” either directly implies or specifically refers to the authoritative writings—sacred Scripture—of the Jewish Old Testament. 3 Like the clause “It is written,” this statement usually refers to a given passage in the Old Testament, but it is sometimes used in a general sense to apply to the entire Hebrew canon.

33:11) and “mouth to mouth” (Num. 12:8). Hence, his books are prophetic beyond question. 2. All of the second division of the Old Testament known as Prophets, and divided into “former” and “latter” prophets in the Hebrew Bible, is considered to be written by prophets, as the name of the section suggests (cf. Zech. 7:7, 12; Neh. 9:30). 3. 10 In fact, Daniel, whose book is found in the Writings, is called by Jesus “Daniel the prophet” (Matt. 24:15). Solomon, whose books appear among the Writings, was a prophet by definition, because he had visions from the Lord (Num.

All human understanding is limited. It is limited because man himself is a finite creature. But it does not follow from that that every human understanding is in error. Further, even if Jesus were limited in what He knew as a man, it does not follow that He was wrong in what He did know. A limited knowledge of truth is not the same as error. In fact, whatever Jesus did know He affirmed with absolute authority, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth” (Matt. 28:18). Some twenty-five times He introduced His teachings with the formula, “Verily, verily” or “truly, truly” (cf.

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