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Rene of Anjou's daughter Margaret, 1430-1480 [cf. 44 below; Pound's interest in Joan of 10/46-47 54 Arc is also manifest in 80/503; 91/617; 93/630]. 43. Gisors ... : [6:21. 23]. The possession of Gisors and the Norman Vexin was one of the crucial factors in the Hundred Years War. The French regained Gisors from the English "Angevins," the Plantagenets being descended from Godfrey V, Count of Anjou. 44. Angevins: Members of the house of Anjou, here referring to the French line and particularly to Rene of Anjou, 1408-1480, Duke of Lorraine [cf.

21. , Peloponnesus [8:29, 31; 10: 19] . Refers to the campaign of 1464-1466, when Sigismundo's services were once more enlisted bv the Republic of Venice to recover Peloponnesus from the Turks. Sigismundo, leading an army of7,000 which was soon reduced to 5,000, was hopelessly outnumbered by the 25,000 Turks. Frustration, defeat, and the plague forced him to disengage at Lacedaemon and go into winter quarters at a place N of Sparta, where he fell ill and was reported dead [8 :46]. Hopelessly short of men and disgusted by the intrigues and suspicions at home, he sought permission to withdraw and returned to Rimini in 1466.

The old row with Naples: [8:10; 9:18]. Alphonso of Aragon had turned Piccinino 20. Borso: B. d'Este, 1413-1471, natural son of Niccol6 d'Este [8:51], Lord of Fer- 11. Florence ... Pitigliano: I, "Italian Historical Archives .... The War of the Sienese ples, amassing a huge fortune. Later he was allowed to return to Florence. Zan Lattieri afterward spreading the rumor that Piccinino had fallen out a window. This crime shocked all Italy. But it is doubtful that Francesco Sforza was a party to the plot [Muratori, IX, 236-237; 21/97].

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