By Larson P., Carpenter K.

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No. rore of the specimen rer-nains uncollectecl (N,{ick Hagar to P Larson, personal communica- tion 2005). NMMNH P-IOI3-I DISCOVERIID: 'l'he r,ear 1982, D. Staton and J. l,aPoint, amateurs. LoCA'l'IoN: 'l'he east side of Elephant Butte Reservoir, near Truth or Conscquences, NNI (Fig. 1, site l2). F'oR\,IAt'IoN: tlall Lake N{ember of the \'{cRae Forrnation. EXcA\A't'LtD: Cillette ancl staff fror-n tl-re Neri' \{exico Nlluseurn of Natural Histori' 1983; Tom Williarnson, September 2003. REposIToRy: Nen' N,lerico \'{useuni of Natural Historr', Albuqr-rerque, NNI.

ATIoN: Lance Formation. EXCAVATED: Collected b1'Japh Bol'ce and R I B Rockshop field crew in 1995 and 1996. REPosITORY: Siatus unknolvn. html. ACeuISITIoN: Undisclosed inr''estors pr-rrchased Barnum at a Bonhams and Butterfields auction in Mav 2004. sKELETAL RE\,IAINS: The skull consists of incomplete bones, includir-rg both n-raxillae, left jugal, left ectopten'goid, riglit squan-rosal, left der-rtari', surangular, ar-rd articuiar. Tl-re skeleton aiso has mostly incomplete bones consisting of I cervical, 4 dorsal, and J car-rdal verte- LocArIoN: Near the headwaters of brae; 9 dorsal ribs, sorne gastralia; 6 metatarsals, 3 pes phalanges; left iliurn, left ischium, both pubes (right incomplete), both femora (right incomplete), left tibia, fibula, astragaius, and calcaneum; par- tial left scapula, left hurnerris, and nanus clarv.

Because Alamosaurus has been for-rrd in the same formation, Sarnpson and Loewen (2005) sr-rggested tl-rat perl-raps T. rex rtay have exploited this potential food source. 1 (Bucky; formerly BHI 4960) DISCovERED: The year I998, Buckv Derflinger, rancher, arnateur fossil collector. LocArIoN: \\'ade Derflir-rger Ranch, originai Usta towrr site, Perkins Countr', SD (F'ig. l, site 38). FoRMATIoN: Hell Creek Formation. not far above the contact of the Fox Hills Formation. Black Hills Institr-rte field crew, sllmrner of 2001 and 2002.

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