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Or any of the expenses involved in clearing customs. ) Other equipment in your system: If warranty has expired, payment will be: Card Number: Cash/Check VISA Please Quote before servicing Exp. Date: Return Shipment Preference if other than UPS Ground: Mastercard COD Signature: Expedite Shipment Other ENCLOSE WITH UNIT—DO NOT MAIL SEPARATELY Service and Support 7–5 A B C Glossary The following pages define terms and abbreviations used throughout this and other Crown Broadcast manuals. Glossary G–1 A B C AF Audio Frequency; the frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Suppression The process used to hold back or stop certain frequencies. G–4 FM1000A User's Manual SWR Standing-Wave Ratio; on a transmission line, the ratio of the maximum voltage to the minimum voltage or maximum current to the minimum current; also the ratio of load impedance to intended (50 ohms) load impedance. THD Total Harmonic Distortion translator A transmitter designed to internally change an FM signal from one frequency to another for retransmission. Used in conjunction with terrestrial-fed networks.

1 Potential Causes for Non-functioning Cooling Fans The PA1000 has one and the PS1000 has two cooling fans each. All three fans are powered by the same circuit of the PS1000. There are two potential causes for a non-functioning fan or fans: 1. If a single fan does not operate, the fan is faulty and must be replaced. ) 2. If none of the fans operate, a blown circuit breaker, a short circuit in the PS1000, or a damaged winding on the main transformer of the DC Output Board (in the PS1000) is the cause.

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