By Jean Plaidy

A personal conflict rages at courtroom for the affections of a childless queen, who needs to quickly identify her successor--and hence make certain the way forward for the British Empire.   it's the starting of the eighteenth century and William of Orange is loss of life. quickly Anne is topped queen, yet to courtroom insiders, the identify of the approaching sovereign is Sarah Churchill. appealing, outspoken Sarah has bewitched Anne and believes she is invincible--until she installs her bad cousin Abigail Hill into courtroom as royal chambermaid.   simple Abigail turns out the least most probably challenger to Sarah’s position in her highness’s affections, yet problem it she does, in stealthy but ambitious methods. whereas Anne engages in her deepest tug-of-war, the kingdom is keen about one other, extra public conflict: succession. Anne is sickly and childless, the final of the Stuart line.   This ultimate novel of the Stuarts from Jean Plaidy weaves larger-than-life characters via a dismal maze of intrigue, love, and destruction, with not anything below the way forward for the British Empire at stake.

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It was something William could not tolerate; and he was already preparing, with the aid of Austria to stand with Holland against this. William was more at home with his armies than in the council chambers; and so was Marlborough. This war should prove a source of inspiration and profit to John Churchill; and Sarah wanted to see him exploit his talents. If William were to die—and any normal man in his physical condition would have been dead years before —then Anne would be ruled by the Marlboroughs, for Sarah would see to that; and with his two influential sons-in-law they would be able to stand firm against any of their political enemies.

When she had sealed the letter she laid it on the table. “Just make yourself useful,” said Sarah. “Mrs. Danvers will tell you anything you want to know. She has been with the Princess for years. But if there is anything you think she should need, you should ask me if she should have it. The great point is to remember not to disturb the Princess. ” “Dear Mrs. ” Sarah congratulated herself on a shrewd move when she put Abigail into the Princess’s bedchamber. Abigail would be recognized as one of Sarah’s women and it would be known that she would look out for her benefactress’s interests.

As Abigail laid the gloves on the table beside her, Anne said nothing, but her eyes met those of Abigail and in that moment there was a flash of understanding between them. Sarah Churchill was a disloyal friend to the Princess and they both knew it; the subject was too painful to be mentioned, but neither of them would forget what had happened; and because of it their own relationship had advanced a step further. The King was a very sick man. He was beset by anxieties which were aggravated by his weak physical condition and his conscience.

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