By Antoin Murphy, Renee Prendergast

That includes unique contributions from a few of the top modern figures within the heritage of monetary inspiration, this booklet deals new views on key issues, from Smith's Wealth of countries to the Jevonian Revolution. Drawing notion from the existence and paintings of R.D.C. Black, previously Professor of Economics at Queen's collage Belfast, this e-book should be of crucial curiosity to any critical pupil of monetary proposal.

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P. B. R. 2 These two can really be regarded as the founders of the study of the history of economic thought and McCulloch’s work was praised by Schumpeter in his early book (1912: 3). The study of the subject developed rapidly in other countries. In Italy it dates from the 1820s, and a succession of notable Italian writers followed, with the work of Pantaleoni and Einaudi at the end of the nineteenth century particularly noteworthy (Barucci 1983). Both Einaudi and another Italian economist, Cossa, have been cited as not merely precursors but possible influences on the later work of Schumpeter (Barucci 1983: 88; Perlman 1983: 127).

1965: 143–4)6 The history of economic thought has a number of other benefits. In particular it is, as Edgeworth said, corrective of one’s estimate of authority and ‘corrective of the narrower prejudices and deceptive associations which are sure to be contracted by those who have been confined to a single school or system’ (1891: 6, 11). It enables the economist to stand back History of economic thought as an intellectual discipline 35 from the fashions of the day, which can be almost as transient as the latest version of a word processing package, learning the intricacies of which has been instructively compared in usefulness to dodo-sexing.

I don’t know. Have you seen that book which Don Moggridge produced based on the 1986 Toronto Conference on editorial problems? In the paper that I did for it I quoted from a paper given at a much earlier Toronto conference in which the author laid down a certain number of principles for people who start editing. One of them was start at least 100 years before you actually did. There is no doubt about it, nobody who gets into this editing game properly would ever do it if they realised just exactly what it might involve.

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