By Paul Douglas Gardner

Who is who's a good source for examine or excitement! It includes each person within the Bible and what's stated approximately them with the addresses of the verses. it's nice so one can refresh your brain a few individual and their tale. we will be able to examine a lot from what they did or did not do! i've got given this ebook as a present to humans of every age they usually have additionally actually loved it!

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10:5). See also Pekah, Rezin and Tiglath-Pileser for detail. 2. The nephew of 1. above, this Ahaziah was also known as Jehoahaz. He succeeded his father Jehoram as King of Judah, but for less than a year (around 844 BC). 'He walked in the ways of the house of Ahab and did evil in the eyes of the L O R D . ' (2 Kings 8:27). Given the influence of his mother, Athaliah daughter of the evil King Ahab of Israel, his conduct was perhaps not surprising. He was murdered by Jehu's followers after 2. The great-great-grandson of King Saul (see 1 Chron.

But also by insisting that no slaves be captured and no spoils taken, God was showing that the Israelites were to keep themselves holy unto his service. He would supply all their needs. For Achan the temptation to take spoil was too much, and he disobeyed the command of God through Joshua (Josh. 7). David mourned greatly for Absalom, until Joab persuaded David of the importance of seeing his son's life in the perspective of the havoc he had caused. Absalom's three sons are not mentioned after 2 Sam.

The ancestor of Maaseiah, a provin- cial leader who settled in Jerusalem (Neh. 11:5). 9. One of the priests listed in Neh. 11:12 who settled in Jerusalem. He was probably the same person as 4. M . p. ADALIA, one often sons of Haman killed in Susa by the Jews (Est. 9:8). ADAM Adam in the Old Testament Some scholars suggest that this name comes from the Heb. word for 'ground', but it is not possible to be certain. This name can be used in the Bible as both the proper name of the first created person (Gen.

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