By Theodor Nöldeke, James A. Crichton

Description: This translation of Noldeke's 'Kurzgefasste syrische Grammatik, ' a lucid description of Syriac orthography and phonology (I), morphology (II), and syntax (III), is undeniably one of many significant achievements of Syriac stories within the 19th century. considering that then, the booklet has admirably served generations of scholars

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Moreover, the mother and the friend hold their spouses responsible for the suffering of Batsheva, due to their conscious or unconscious negligence. ereby the point is made that the problem cannot be reduced to the evil of Isaac. Rather, his violent behaviour is implicitly condoned and made possible through the passivity of “ordinary men” in Batsheva’s midst. 31) An early prolepsis towards the daughter’s sacrifice and survival is Batsheva’s statement that the Aqedah is her favourite passage in the Bible; Ragen, Jephthe’s Daughter, p.

One of the most gruesome examples is the story of Jephthah (Judg. 10:6-12:7), who sacrifices his daughter as a burnt-offering to fulfill his vow. 2 It has been particularly well represented in sixteenth century 1) I am indebted to Hanna Stenström and Lena Roos for comments on this article. O. Sypherd, Jephthah and His Daughter: A Study in Comparative Literature (Delaware: University of Delaware Press, 1948). e sudden growth of interest at this time could be explained by the parallels to the Greek tragedy.

On the train to the concentration camps, he vows to his mother that he will continue the family line. Once escaped from the Nazis, however, he shuns religion and devotes his life to business. Satiated by his success, he sees an opportunity for repentance by letting his daughter Batsheva marry the most promising scholar in Jerusalem, Isaac Hershen. When Batsheva accidentally sees Isaac abusing her dog, she wants to call off the marriage. Her father then tells her of his vow, and explicitly ties her fate to that of the biblical Jephthah’s daughter.

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