By Benjamin Noys (editor)

Will we locate choices to the failed radical tasks of the twentieth-century? What are the prospective sorts of fight at the present time? How can we struggle again opposed to the distress of our crisis-ridden current? "Communization" is the spectre of the instant fight to abolish capitalism and the nation, which haunts Europe, Southern California, and at any place the true abstractions of price that form our lives are contested. Evolving at the terrain of capitalism new practices of the "human strike," self sufficient communes, profession, and riot have attacked the alienations of our occasions. those symptoms of resistance are scattered and feature but to coalesce, and their destiny is intentionally precarious and insecure. Bringing jointly voices from inside and out of those currents Communization and Its Discontents treats Communization as an issue to be explored instead of an answer. Taking within the new theorisations of Communization proposed by means of Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee, Th???©orie Communiste, post-autonomists, and others, it deals serious reflections at the chances and the bounds of those modern kinds, innovations, and strategies of fight. individuals contain: Alberto Toscano, Nicole Pepperell, Anthony Iles, Marina Vishmidt, Evan Calder Williams, Jason E Smith, Th???©orie Communiste, Endnotes, Jasper Bernes, John Cunningham, George Ciccariello-Maher, and Alexander Galloway.

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This conflict, this rift in the action of the proletariat, is the content of class struggle and what is at stake in it. What is now at stake in these struggles is that, for the proletariat, to act as a class is the limit of its action as a class – this is now an objective situation of class struggle – and that the limit is constructed as such in the struggles and becomes class belonging as an external constraint. This determines the level of conflict with capital, and gives rise to internal conflicts within the struggles themselves.

Of course, the division of the working day into necessary and surplus labor has always been definitive of the class struggle. But now, in the struggle over this division, it is paradoxically in the proletariat’s definition to the very depth of its being as a class of this mode of production, and as 52 The Moment of Communization nothing else, that it is apparent in practice, and in a conflictual way, that its existence as a class is the limit of its own struggle as a class. This is currently the central character of the wage demand in class struggle.

In the most trivial course of the wage demand, the proletariat sees its own existence as a class objectify itself as something which is alien to it to the extent that the capitalist relation itself places it in its heart as something alien. The current crisis broke out because proletarians could no longer repay their loans. It broke out on the very basis of the wage relation which gave rise to the financialization of the capitalist economy: wage cuts as a requirement for ‘value creation’ and global competition within the labor force.

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