By Thomas Aquinas, James A. Weisheipl, Fabian Larcher

Thomas Aquinas possessed first-class wisdom of the commentaries of Origen, John Chrysostom, and Augustine. at the foundation of this beginning, he produced his personal statement at the Gospel of John as a part of his activity as a grasp of the Sacred web page. thought of a landmark theological creation to the Fourth Gospel, those lectures have been dropped at Dominican friars while Aquinas was once on the peak of his theological powers, whilst he was once additionally composing the Summa theologiae. for various purposes, the Summa has acquired way more consciousness over the centuries than has his remark at the Gospel of John. although, students at the present time realize Aquinas's biblical commentaries as significant resources for realizing his theological imaginative and prescient and for appreciating the scope of his Summa theologiae. the 1st English translation of Aquinas's observation at the Gospel of John by way of Fabian Larcher and James Weisheipl, initially released approximately 20 years in the past and lengthy out of print, is accessible to students and scholars once more with this variation. released in 3 volumes at the same time, it encompasses a new advent and notes pointing readers to the hyperlinks among Aquinas's biblical remark and his Summa theologiae. while a verse from the Gospel of John is without delay quoted within the Summa theologiae, the editors observe this within the statement. Aquinas's patristic resources, together with Origen and Augustine, are conscientiously pointed out and referenced to the Patriologia Latina and Patrologia Graeca. The Commentary's connections with Aquinas's Catena Aurea also are pointed out. the 3 volumes within the statement at the Gospel of John may be bought separately and as a collection.

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The fullness of contemplation is possessed by Natural Science, which considers things as proceeding from God. Among the physical [natural] sciences, the height of contemplation is found in Metaphysics. 14 10. In this way then, from what has been said, we can understand the matter of this Gospel. For while the other Evangelists treat principally of the mysteries of the humanity of Christ, John, especially and above all, makes known the divinity of Christ in his Gospel, as we saw above. Still, he does not ignore the mysteries of his humanity.

And since they lack intelligence, they are unable to direct themselves, but must be directed and moved by one directing them, and who possesses an intellect. Thus it is that the movement of the things of nature toward a certain end indicates the existence of something higher by which the things of nature are directed to an end and governed. 4 This authority in governing is shown to be in the Word of God when he says, Lord. Thus the Psalm (88:10) says: “You rule the power of the sea, and you still the swelling of its waves,” as though saying: You are the Lord and govern all things.

First he shows when the Word was: In the beginning was the Word; secondly where he was: and the Word was with God; thirdly what he was: and the Word was God; fourthly, in what way he was: He was in the beginning with God. ” 24. With respect to the first of these four we must examine the meaning of the statement, In the beginning was the Word. And here three things present themselves for careful study according to the three parts of this statement. First it is necessary to investigate the name Word; secondly the phrase in the beginning; thirdly the meaning of the Word was in the beginning.

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