By W. Steinitz

Reprinted, with additions, from "The box"

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This ebook is a facsimile reprint and will include imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

Better Chess for Average Players (Dover Books on Chess)

Transparent, trouble-free advisor via famous professional coaches readers via basics of attacking and positional play, in addition to tips on how to technique the endgame. the most important methods of assessing positions and selecting strikes are tested extensive; additionally, the right way to take care of tricky positions and time-trouble. 384 diagrams.

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To B's 4th. 10. Kt. to Q. B's 3rd11. Kt. to B's 3rd. 7. P. takes B. 9. B. to Q's 2nd. 10. R. to Q. Kt's sq. 8. 8. Castles. 11. 12. B. to K. B's 4th. Attempting to defend the Q. 12. B's P. Castles. would have only led him into difficulties. 13. B. takes P. 13. Kt. to Q's 5th. Q. takes Kt. B. to Q's 3rd. 14. 16. Kt. to his 5th. 17. Q. to Q. Kt's 4th. 16. 14. 15. Q. takes B. 15. B. to Kt's 5th. K. II. to Q's sq. 17. B. to his sq. There appears to be no other mode of saving the Pawn, for if Bluet had played P.

To B's 6th. 49. K. to R's 4th. 49. R. takes P. ) 50. R. to Q's 2nd. 51. R. ) 52. R. to Kt's 5th. 50. K. to Kt's 5th. K. to B's 6th. 52. R. to B's 4th. 51. 53. K. takes P. 54. K. to B's 6th. 53. R. to R's 5th. 54. R. to R's 4th. And White GAME WHITE. IV. (Mr. ) P. to K's 4th. Kt. to K. B's 3rd. P. to Q's 4th. 4. Q. takes P. This move Q'B 2nd. ia resigns. PHILIDOR'S DEFENCE. BLACK. (Mr. ) P. to K's 4th. 2. P. to Q's 3rd. 3. P. takes P. 4. Kt. to Q. B's 3rd. 1.

P. to Q. Kt's 4th. The student will perceive the importance of P. to Q. R's 3rd on the third move in the defence, since with P. to Q. Kt's 4th subsequently, the adverse Bishop is forced to a square on which he is rendered comparatively harmless. 7. B. to B's 2nd. We much prefer B. to Kt's 3rd. 8. P. to Q's 4th. Kt. takes P. 9. Castles. 7. P. takes P. 9. P. to K. R's 3rd. 8. 10. Castles. 10. P. to R's 3rd. 11. P. to Q's 4th. 12. P. takes P. 12. B. to Kt's 3rd. 13. Kt. to B's 3rd. 13. 4. B. to Kt's sq.

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