By Victor Korchnoi

First Paperback variation 1978. moderate put on. Crease to hide. Mark from the associated fee decal at the disguise.

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P. B. 9. K. R. P. two squares. Q. P. two squares. JV. B. 10. and checks with the Rook and with the Pawn, (a) P. takes K. JV. K. B. K. to his Kt. second square. It. Kt. , II. IV. Q. checks on the adversary's K. fourth B. K. Kt. interposes. square. 12. IV. K. R. P. takes K. Kt. B. Q. takes K. R. P. 13. JV. B. Q. takes Q. K. takes Q. 14. JV. K. B. takes Q. , and White remains with seven Pawns against four. If, iustead of this move, you were to play your Q. to K. B. second square, he could uot avoid being checkmated three moves.

11. W. Q. (c) It versary's takes Q. , &c. would be much better to move the K. Kt. to adK. Kt. fourth square, and then third square. to adversary's K. 8 DAMIANO. THIRD GAME, i. IV. K. P. two squares. B. The same. 2. JV. K. Kt. to B. K. B. P. one square. its B. third square. 3. IV. K. Kt. takes K. P. B. K. B. P. takes K. Kt. 4. /F. Q. cheeks on B. K. Kt. P. one square. the adversary's K. R. fourth square. 5. JV. B. Q. takes K. , and checks. Q. to K. second square. 6. JV. Q. takes K. R. B. Q. takes K.

Checks on her R. fourth square. its 13. W. Q. B B. Q. interposes, (a) to her B. fourth square. (a) It would save time if the K. Kt. P. were moved two squares, imtcad of interposing the Q. B. DAMIANO. 14. IV. B. Q. Kt. P. two squares. Q. to her B. third square. 15. K. B. to adversary's Q. Kt. fourth square. B. Q. to her K. Kt. third square. IV. 16. W. B. Q. takes Q. K. R. P. takes Q. 17. /r. B. Q. Kt. takes Q. B. , and checks. Loses Q. R. and the game. DAMIANO. SECOND GAME. JV. K. P. B. two squares.

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