By Janice Fanning Madden

What if one have been to take advantage of metropolitan statistical sector (MSA) facts rather than national info to check source of revenue redistribution? may possibly this show that sure areas or MSAs inside areas are "hot beds" of source of revenue inequality? Can styles of source of revenue inequality be discerned inside MSAs, e.g., among important towns and suburbs? if this is the case, what neighborhood features effect source of revenue inequality? Janice F. Madden tackles those questions by means of learning MSA facts that hyperlink the features of metropolitan economies to major alterations in source of revenue inequality. this permits her to review adjustments in poverty premiums, loved ones source of revenue inequality, and salary inequality inside 182 of the biggest MSAs and to spot what she says are the 3 elements probably to steer adjustments in source of revenue inequality in metropolitan components. these components are

* demographics, which outline how source of revenue is shared around the generations and the way profits and different source of revenue flows translate into fiscal well-being;

* the exertions industry, which strongly affects U.S. loved ones source of revenue during the provide of and insist for staff, and during wages and salaries;

* the geographic constitution, which affects citizens' neighborhood tax liabilities, entry to publicly supplied items and prone, own safety and security, and the facility to travel to paintings -- together with the elevated locational isolation in response to source of revenue or race. the implications awarded strongly aid a few coverage techniques touching on antipoverty rules, and deal with concerns comparable to objectives inside MSAs for activity development and construction, the kinds of jobs created, and antidiscrimination regulations in housing and hard work markets.

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Page iii To my children, Patrick and Erin Page v Contents Preface xi The Author xiii 1 Income Inequality, Earnings Inequality, and Poverty 1 Why is Inequality of Concern? 5 Why Analyze Metropolitan Areas? 2 Statistics on Income Distribution in 1979 and 1989, by MSA 168 Page xi Preface Ten years ago, as co-Director of the Temple-Penn Philadelphia Economic Monitoring Project, I was surprised to find that Philadelphia had not experienced as much growth in income inequality during the 1980s as the rest of the nation (Madden and Stull 1991).

Cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.  paper).  Title.  Westnedge Avenue Kalamazoo, Michigan 490074686 The facts presented in this study and the observations and viewpoints expressed are the sole responsibility of the author. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. R. Underhill. Index prepared by Diane Worden. Printed in the United States of America. Page iii To my children, Patrick and Erin Page v Contents Preface xi The Author xiii 1 Income Inequality, Earnings Inequality, and Poverty 1 Why is Inequality of Concern?

Studies of income inequality within metropolitan areas have found that areas having a larger proportion of African Americans, 7 a larger proportion of families headed by women,8 or a larger proportion of households headed by persons over age 659 have more household income inequality. Demographic characteristics that individuals or households are able to change, such as household composition or labor force participation decisions, also affect income and earnings distributions. For example, decreases in the proportion of adults who are married increase the proportion of adults and children who live in households with one or no earners.

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