By Will Fowler

В сентябре 2000 в Сьерра-Леоне похитили одиннадцать британских солдат. Решить эту проблемы взялось SAS

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Despite being an operation of great complexity, thousands of miles from the UK, all our mission objectives were achieved. This is a testimony to the skill and professionalism of all those involved. The Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, said 'I cannot pay high enough tribute to the skill, the professionalism and the courage of the armed forces involved'. ANALYSIS m f th 1t ' a an nr r m n \ ith rhe Briri h that he had m r t mmand] fl w r led up t th ir aptur and laj r Ian l m nr in div rtin fr m a r mak an unaurhori d vi it t eh illage f verwhelm d.

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