By Carl Menger

In 1876, Carl Menger, then a tender professor on the college of Vienna, used to be requested to coach the rules of political economic system to Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, the 17 yr outdated simply son of Emperor Francis Joseph, who used to be to die tragically prior to he may inherit the throne. Rudolf's lately came upon Notebooks of those lectures, corrected via Menger, are a desirable checklist of what the founding father of the Austrian marginalist college notion worthy educating to the inheritor presumptive of a very good strength. with out relating his personal theories, Menger added a direction at the economics of Adam Smith - as awarded within the mainstream German textbooks of the time - in this kind of means that the Notebooks will be seen as a key record on classical financial liberalism, natural and unadulterated. They forged new gentle on Menger's personal theoretical discoveries, his view of presidency and his interpretation of classical economics. during this vital quantity Rudolf's Notebooks are released for the 1st time either in German and an English translation. The editor's specified creation offers the historic and highbrow heritage to the Notebooks in addition to a radical research of classical economics and its remedy through Menger. The textual content is absolutely annotated in German and English with its spectacular assets traced passage by way of passage.

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Differing from the first version, though. ) 14 This is the only time that the idea of (marginal) utility decreasing with increasing wealth crops up. In Meager's writings it is never expressed so simply, but the passage roughly corresponds to Principles, ( 1976), p. 126 ff. The idea of marginal utility decreasing with increasing stock was not at all unknown to German economists before Meager: it was developed plainly by Hildebrand ( 1848), while Roscher (1864), § 6, p. IO,just preceding his exposition of the c:onc:epts of wealthlriches (§ 7), mentioned 'that with needs unchanging any decrease of stocks causes an inaase inrespcccive value'.

Rau sees two spheres of economic activity for the government: 1) advancing the economic aims of the people, and 2) satisfying its own needs by gathering revenue. For the study of the latter activity Menger uses the German term for 'public finance' (F'manzwissenschaft), which Rau had created. Menger makes only one, though very significant innovation: while Rau speaks of gathering revenue to satisfy the government's own needs, Menger limits this activity to essential needs. 3 1v PoUtische Okonomie I 32 2r und dann verwendet wird, ist der Gegenstand einer besonderen Wissenschaft, der Finanzwissenscbaft.

Menger's treatment ofec011011Ucs 19 And here Menger invents two among the very few new arguments in the long history of classical economic liberalism. Firstly, even justified state action always has a deleterious side effect as well. In consequence, it is advisable only if the grounds for justification are very strong. As Rudolf puts it in Notebook VI: ' ... the state can greatly harm the citizens' interests by interfering too much •.. Being responsible and caring for the well-being of one's self and family is a powerful incentive for work and industry ...

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