By Alison Weir

Having confirmed herself a proficient and fascinating novelist together with her portrayals of Queen Elizabeth I within the girl Elizabeth and woman Jane gray in blameless Traitor, long island instances bestselling writer Alison Weir now harks again to the 12th century with a sensuous and tempestuous story that brings vividly to lifestyles England’s such a lot passionate—and destructive—royal couple: Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II.

Nearing her 30th birthday, Eleanor has spent the prior dozen problematic years as consort to the pious King Louis VII of France. For all its political merits, the wedding has introduced Eleanor in basic terms expanding unhappiness—and daughters rather than the hoped-for male inheritor. but if the younger and dynamic Henry of Anjou arrives on the French courtroom, Eleanor sees a manner out of her discontent. For while their eyes meet for the 1st time, the seductive Eleanor and the virile Henry comprehend that theirs is a keenness which could ignite the world.
Returning to her duchy of Aquitaine after the annulment of her marriage to Louis, Eleanor instantly sends for Henry, the long run King of britain, to return and marry her. The union of this royal couple will create an enormous empire that stretches from the Scottish border to the Pyrenees, and marks the start of the distinguished Plantagenet dynasty.

But Henry and Eleanor’s marriage, charged with actual warmth, starts a fiery downward spiral marred via strength struggles, betrayals, sour rivalries, and a devil’s brood of younger Plantagenets—including Richard the Lionheart and the long run King John. Early on, Eleanor needs to undergo Henry’s bold mom, the Empress Matilda, in addition to his infidelities, whereas in later years, Henry’s friendship with Thomas Becket will bring about a dangerous competition. ultimately, because the couple’s rebellious sons develop impatient for strength, the scene is decided for a vicious and tragic clash that would engulf either Eleanor and Henry.
Vivid intimately, epic in scope, Captive Queen is an brilliant and brilliantly wrought ancient novel that encompasses the development of an empire and the enormous tale of a royal marriage.

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His eyes were twinkling in anticipation of a fight with Louis. “Some things are worth fighting for,” Eleanor declared. ” “God, I love you,” Henry breathed, and crushed her beneath him once more. “Go with God,” Eleanor said as, wrapping a cloak over her nudity, she kissed Henry farewell at the door of her chamber in the lightening of the sky before the dawn. “I will send for you as soon as I am free, then I will ride south to my capital at Poitiers. ” “I will not fail you,” Henry promised. “You may count on me.

I mean that, Eleanor. ” “I believe you,” she answered teasingly, “although I should hope that God has averted His eyes for the moment! ” Henry laughed. “So you know about my ambitions in that direction. ” Henry countered. ” He began kissing her, playfully at first, then with a more serious purpose. “Wait,” Eleanor said, holding him off. ” He became still and regarded her solemnly. “We shall. ” Eleanor sat up in the bed, her long hair tumbling over her breasts. ” She beamed at him with such radiance that he caught his breath.

I will,” Geoffrey agreed, but when he tried to get to his feet, he had not the strength, and slumped heavily against the table. Henry jumped up, in unison with four men-at-arms, and together they manhandled the sick man up the stone spiral staircase to the bedchamber above, where they laid him heavily on the fur coverlet spread across the wooden bed. By now he was shivering violently, his body hot to the touch, his hands icy. “He were a fool to go swimming in that river,” one soldier commented.

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