By Josh Aterovis

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She was talking to a much shorter, slightly plump blonde girl about having her mattress replaced -- apparently the blonde girl thought hers looked a little unhealthy -- so we stood by patiently until they were finished. When the blonde girl was satisfied that cleaner bedding was on its way, the red-head turned her attention to us. “Hi, I'm Erin. I'm the RA. ” I thought that was a silly question considering only the freshmen were moving in this week. This was a special week of orientation designed to help us settle in and make new friends.

The lady there told me how to find the lecture hall we were meeting in and I was once again on my way. I burst out of the door, almost knocking some kid over. “Sorry,” I said distractedly, giving him a quick smile. He didn't even look old enough to be a student here. I rushed on to the auditorium and found that I'd arrived just in time. It looked like the whole freshman class had shown up and they hadn't quite chosen a large enough room. I took a look around while I waited for the show to begin.

Someone didn't like the cream cheese and another one said his bagel had been heated too much. Jesus, talk about spoiled people! Max showed up about nine thirty and began working out next week's schedule. “I have this application, but listen to this,” she said during a quiet moment. “This lady comes in to fill this out, and she says to me that she wants to be honest. She says she was arrested for assault, but only because the guy was more hurt than she was, but that she's all straightened out now as she is a Jehovah's Witness.

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