By Andrew William Wright, Booker T. Huffman

A lively story of redemption from a possible insurmountable lifetime of tragedy and crime, this primary autobiography wrestler and television commentator Booker T. Huffman info his existence ahead of megastar prestige within the ring. starting with Booker T's single-parent upbringing after the passing of his father, this robust account finds the gritty fact of his formative years--from the ugly coincidence Booker T witnessed on the age of thirteen that resulted in his mother's loss of life and his next lifetime of abject poverty as an orphan in city Houston to years of reckless drug use, dealing, and violence that culminated in a five-year criminal sentence for theft. With enticing candor Booker T writes of his refusal to permit his years of crime to cloud his destiny and his selection to take accountability for his existence and make a good impression in his group. This intimate profile chronicles his transition from absentee father to finding his baby in foster care and taking custody; occasions that led Booker T to pursue a greater existence and a occupation with the WWE by means of attending global Wrestling Alliance education camp. It additionally sheds perception into Booker T's courting together with his seven siblings, together with his brother and eventual tag group member Lane "Stevie Ray" Huffman.

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