By Morris Beja, Anne Fogarty

June sixteen, 2004, was once the single hundredth anniversary of Bloomsday, the day that James Joyce's novel "Ulysses" happens. To rejoice the get together, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Dublin, following within the footsteps of protagonist Leopold Bloom. the development additionally used to be marked by way of the Bloomsday a hundred Symposium, the place world-renowned students mentioned Joyce's seminal paintings. This quantity comprises the easiest, so much provocative readings of "Ulysses" provided on the convention. The participants to this quantity urge a detailed engagement with the unconventional. they give readings that attention variously at the materialist, old, and political dimensions of Ulysses. the range of themes lined comprise nineteenth-century psychology, army background, Catholic theology, the effect of early movie and song corridor songs on Joyce, the post-Ulysses evolution of the one-day novel, and the problem of discussing this type of advanced paintings among the ocean of extant feedback.

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In short, ad-verting. The resident advertising man of Ulysses is a canvasser, making him like Odysseus, the sailor with the canvas sails. 04)—Madison Avenue seller of patent medicine, yes, but also a medicine man, a shaman, ushering us more and more deeply into the arcanum with each repeated spell and spelling out of spells. Bloom would not have liked Finnegans Wake—he would not, for that matter, have much liked Ulysses either, except for the dirty bits—but “Mkgnao! Mrkgnao! ”: The Pussens Perplex 39 the man who took the time to attend, three times, to what Pussens had to say would, if he had somehow been brought to attend to it, have made a pretty good reader.

Thus alerted and activated, his auditory apparatus—his ear and mind working together—is ready to pick up that diatonic interval. Something similar happens later in “Sirens,” when he hears a “jing, a little sound,” from outside, then identifies it as coming from Boylan’s jaunting car leaving for Molly, then listens again: “Jingling. He’s gone. Jingle. 457–58). ” It’s that Bloom has pricked up his ears. If you want to witness this operation in action, you can do no better than to observe a cat, and the way its ears swivel, radar-like, in the direction of some stray sound.

1010–15). 7. 562). Compare Pussens, waiting for Bloom to get her milk, with her “avid shameclosing eyes . . 33–35). Both are constricting—“narrowing”—their fields of vision, the better to concentrate on one point of attention. 8. d. that distinguishes one tribe’s pronunciation from another’s, “shibboleth” being the classic example. ”) In the Prankquean exchange, one party repeatedly poses questions about peas, and the other repeatedly fails to give a satisfactory answer, at least once (“He clopped his rude hand to his eacy hitch and he ordurd and his 40 John Gordon thick spch spck .

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