By Andrew Taylor

1934, London. Into the decaying cul-de-sac of Bleeding center sq. steps aristocratic Lydia Langstone fleeing an abusive marriage. notwithstanding, unknown to Lydia, a dismal secret haunts Bleeding middle sq.. What occurred to overlook Penhow, the middle-aged spinster who owns the home and who vanished 4 years past? Why is a seedy plain-clothes policeman obsessively gazing the sq.? what's making suffering journalist Rory Wentwood so wanting to touch omit Penhow? And why are parcels of rotting hearts being despatched to Joseph Serridge, the final individual to work out omit Penhow alive?

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I don’t understand why—” [ 34 ] bleeding heart square “Now look here, sir, from what you said yesterday, you’ve never met Mr. ” “Well there’s a thing. I’ve thought it over and discussed it with my superiors. And now I’ve got a little proposition for you. Could kill two birds with one stone. But it’s confidential. Police business, see? ” Lydia unlocked the front door of 7 Bleeding Heart Square with her father’s spare latchkey. The hall no longer smelled of rotten meat, only of old cabbage and the bedroom slops.

I’m sorry. ” “I could pay rent. I could—” He broke off and ran his fingers through his hair. “Sorry. It just seems so damned stupid. ” “You wouldn’t say that if you were a woman, Rory. ” She looked at the clock on the mantel. ” He cleared his throat. He wanted to tell her about Narton and the flat in Bleeding Heart Square, despite what the Sergeant had said. He should also mention the improbably smart young lady who had been at both the house and the café. But she was already on her feet and moving toward the door.

Swaying slightly and bringing with him a strong smell of beer, he advanced slowly into the room. He pulled off his overcoat and draped it over one of the chairs at the table. He sat down heavily in [ 22 ] bleeding heart square the armchair opposite hers. His waistcoat was smeared with ash but the suit had once been a good one, and the trousers were neatly creased. Perhaps he put his trousers under the mattress of his bed while he slept. For a moment they stared at each other. ” “I see it’s stopped raining”—seemed irrelevant here.

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