By Susan E. Mitchell

Volume foodstuff presentation made effortless . . . and irresistible!When it involves getting ready and proposing nutrition in volume, having restricted time or assets doesn t need to suggest proscribing the mind's eye should you understand the secrets and techniques of Arranging nutrients Beautifully.This special advisor equips you with a beautiful array of useful and powerful concepts for providing cold and hot meals attractively on trays, buffets, and steam desk strains. Expertly mixing paintings and ability, it stocks numerous rules on the best way to use colour, composition, texture, props, and garnishes to reinforce the presentation of things from the whole lot of the menu. even if you're employed in a catering, deli, institutional, hospitality, or different foodservice atmosphere, you ll have fun with those easy feedback that take mins and value pennies. transparent step by step directions, plus dozens of how-to illustrations and images make the activity effortless, and style panel licensed recipes express you precisely the best way to start. From tasteful touches to daring thematic notion, you ll discover a cornucopia of artistic percentages in Arranging nutrients superbly.

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P. cm. Includes index. ISBN 0-471-28301-0 (cloth : alk. paper) 1. Table setting and decoration. I. Title. 8dc21 98-45725 Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page ix Preface Beasts feed, man eats; only the person of aesthetics and intellect knows, how to dine with all his senses. Throughout history, certain aesthetic principles have been the basis of architecture, music, painting, and photography. These principles also apply to culinary masterpieces. They include focal point, balance, highlight or contrasts in color, unity, asymmetry and symmetry, texture, and, perhaps, the element of whimsy or pleasant surprise.

These little touches make a big impression. Page v To all the artistic souls freelance food stylists, culinary consultants, roving chefs, recipe devel- opers, food writers, cooking instructors, media spokespersons, cookbook authors, home economists, nutritionists all trying to make a living in this wild and crazy food industry that we so passionately love. Page vii Contents Preface ix Acknowledgments xi Chapter 1 Arranging Buffets 1 Planning, Presentation, and Propping 1 Mise en Place and Organization 9 Edible Decorations 10 Edible Flowers 14 Chapter 2 Techniques for Decoration 19 Fruit and Vegetable Garnishes by Category 22 Citrus Fruits 22 Apples, Pears, and Peaches 26 Exotic Fruits 28 Tubers and Root Vegetables 31 Gourds and Cucumbers 37 Mushrooms 39 Tomatoes and Peppers 40 Pastry Bag Techniques 42 Paper Cones 42 Chocolate Work 43 Powdered Sugar and Cocoa Powder 46 Equipment 46 High-Quality Knives 46 Gadgets, Tools, Smallwares 47 Chapter 3 Deli Trays and Platters 49 Cold Meats and Cheeses 50 Oriental Platters of Sushi, Potstickers, and Egg Rolls 56 Salad Samplers 58 Pâtés 61 Spreads and Dips 62 International Cheese and Fruit Tasting 65 Antipasti and Marinated Vegetables 66 Vegetable Trays 68 Page viii Bread Trays, Rolled Wraps, and Lavosh 69 Cookie, Dessert, and Pastry Platters 71 Decadent Desserts 73 Chapter 4 Soup and Salad Bars and Buffets 91 The Soup Section 93 Salad Bars and Buffets 107 Signature Salads 109 International Salads 109 Conventional Salads 110 Potato Salads 111 Protein Showtime Salads 111 Mousses and Molds 113 Savory Mousses, Aspics, and Gelatins 114 Dressings 117 Chapter 5 Breakfast Buffets And Lines 125 Egg Cookery 130 Breakfast Breads 134 Stratas 140 More Bread Dishes 143 Cereals 150 Breakfast Potatoes 152 Breakfast Soups and Shakes 154 Fast Fruit Shakes 155 Breakfast Sandwiches 161 Chalupas, Sopes, Gordas, and Garnachas 162 Chapter 6 Hot Line/Steam Table Art 165 Hot Line Overview 169 Contrasts Among Ingredients 170 Fish and Seafood 170 Seafood Selection Guide 173 Poultry and Heartier Meats 176 Pasta, Rice, and Grains 184 Rainbow Vegetables 185 Pizza 191 Credits 199 Index 201 Page x The ancient Romans recognized the connection between an attractively decorated table and appetite.

Litehouse dressings and sauces Plate 13 Larry Baker, store director of Tidyman's Grocery in Post Falls, Idaho, for letting us set up the equipment for a "real-location" soup bar/deli; Tony Barbagallo, who saved me with the proper props of soup tureens; angled cassoulet dishes with beautiful tile templates from Bon Chef Plate 14 Zoopa's, a past client who lent a great overview photo I never wanted to art direct, prop, style myself Plate 15 the perfect salad crocks from Templin's Resort, Post Falls, Idaho; ladles from Litehouse; hotel pan from Capers; Rice Tec, Inc.

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