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Initially released among 1920-1970,The historical past of Civilization was once a landmark in early 20th century publishing. It used to be released at a formative time in the social sciences, and through a interval of decisive old discovery. the purpose of the overall editor, C.K. Ogden, was once to summarize the hottest findings and theories of historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and sociologists. This reprinted fabric is obtainable as a suite or within the following groupings: * Prehistory and ancient Ethnography Set of 12: 0-415-15611-4: £800.00 * Greek Civilization Set of seven: 0-415-15612-2: £450.00 * Roman Civilization Set of 6: 0-415-15613-0: £400.00 * jap Civilizations Set of 10: 0-415-15614-9: £650.00 * Judaeo-Christian Civilization Set of four: 0-415-15615-7: £250.00 * ecu Civilization Set of eleven: 0-415-15616-5: £700.00

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At one . moment Odysseus pretends that he is ready to place himself at the disposal of the suitors : " I shall do quickly and well all that they wish light the fire, split the dry wood, cut up the meat, roast it, p our the wine, and do all the services which small men do for . • H great men. The women hardly went into service with others except for household work. If they go to the fields it is only to prepare the dinner of the harvesters. The palaces contain as many free servant-women as slaves.

The other half he stood in the pots, to drink for his supper. " T o the resources of stock-breeding the Greeks of the Homeric age add those of the chase and fishing. Hunting was for long a necessity in a land covered with forest and infested with wild beasts. Legend preserves the memory of the drives carried out by the heroes. Later they hunt for pleasure and also for profit, to procure venison, wild-goats' horns, boars' tusks, and wolf-skins. The hunters often share the bag like the warriors and pirates ; the chief takes first choice and the rest is divided equally.

The word is extended to anyone who places his activity at the service of the public (demos) and even, in certain countries, to t he magistrates. It therefore applies to all professional workers. If we knew all the categories included under such a general term we should thereby know to what extent there was division of labour in the VIIIth century. It is not enough to observe that it did not go very far in the villages. In Hesiod's time the Breotian farmer still weaves his own chiton and chlaina, makes his own shoes, and manufactures his own utensils, waggon, and ploughing implements ; but this might be the case in the rustic parts of countries where the industrial towns already have a fairly developed division of labour.

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