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Second Book of Lankhmar (Fantasy Masterworks 24)

2 British Sized alternate Paperbacks. the 1st publication OF LANKHMAR & the second one booklet OF LANKHMAR. 2 colossal Fafhrd and the grey Mouser Omnibus versions containing all 7 in their books. fable Masterworks sequence. released through Gollancz (UK, Orion Publishing). the 1st e-book OF LANKHMAR (2001 delusion Masterworks quantity 18, 762 pages, comprises: Swords and Deviltry, Swords opposed to demise, Swords within the Mist, Swords opposed to Wizardry).

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Her complexion was creamy pale except for two spots of color high on her cheeks. Her straight fine hair, which grew low on her forehead, was pure white touched with silver and all drawn back through a silver ring behind her neck, whence it hung unbraided like a unicorn's tail. Her eyes had china whites but darkly pink irises around the large black pupils. Her body was enveloped and hidden by a loose robe of violet silk except when the wind briefly molded a flat curve of her girlish anatomy. There was a violet hood, half thrown back.

He waved a hand at the stacked cages and their blue-eyed haughty occupants. “You've all counted them. Who else but this devilish Demoiselle sent the white officer to direct the sharp-toothed gnawers and killers that destroyed Clam? ” the Mouser interjected in a high vibrant voice that commanded attention. ” Slinoor stared at the Mouser as though he couldn't believe his ears. ” he said. “What's more, you lie senselessly. ” The Mouser shook his head. “Fafhrd and I said no word about the exact number of rats.

The man-demon was voluble in his thanks and after questioning Slinoor closely announced (rather to everyone's relief) that he was now ready to turn his search eastward with new hope. “Probably I will never have the opportunity to repay your courtesies,” he said in parting. ” Hisvet, who had been listening from the middeck, chose that moment to climb the short ladder that led up to the afterdeck. She was wearing an ermine smock and hood against the chilly fog. As her silvery hair and pale lovely features rose above the level of the afterdeck the smaller dragon's head, which had been withdrawing decorously, darted at her with the speed of a serpent striking.

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