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26. Pseudostipules absent; leaf venation palmato-pinnate; calyx tube funnelform; capsule 4-10 cm wide. 10. A. pilosa 26. Pseudostipules present; leaf venation palmate. 27. Leaves 3-lobed; calyx limb with a long, tape-like appendage. 9. A. triloba 27. Leaves entire; calyx limb peltate, without appendages. 14. A. elegans 1. , Ill. Hort. 12: misc. 97-98 (1865). Tomentulose shrubs; pseudostipules absent. Leaves 15-22 × 6-12 cm, lanceolate to obovate, deep green, the apex acuminate, the base attenuate; petiole 1-3 cm.

10867, NY); N (Stevens 6637, MO); CR (Jiménez y Castro 1015, MO); P (Knapp y Schmazel 3570, MO). 0-1000(-1500) m. ) 17. , Enum. Syst. Pl. 30 (1760). , Select. Stirp. Amer. Hist. t. 146 (1763). : Guaco, canastilla, tecolotillo. Flora Mesoamericana, Volume 2 (2), Aristolochiaceae, page 10 of 14 Howardia gollmerii Klotzsch, H. hoffmannii Klotzsch. Glabrous, woody lianas, pseudostipules absent. Leaves 7-15 × 3-7 cm, oblong to obovate, green, the apex acuminate, the base truncate to slightly cordate; petiole 1-2 cm.

Cuba 18. Aristolochia ovalifolia Duch. Ann. Sci. Nat. , sér. 4, 2: 50 (1854) Syntipo: México, Oaxaca, Galeotti 213 (G). Aristolochia belizensis Lundell, Guaco mexicana Liebm. Puberulent lianas; pseudostipules absent. 5 cm. Flowers in axillary racemes; pedicel and ovary ? cm long; calyx 7-10 cm, brown-purple, curved, the limb 1-lipped, acute, yellow within; gynostemium 6-lobed, stipitate. Capsules 8-10 cm, acropetal. Wet, lowland forests. T (Cowan 2303, NY); B (Gentle 5549, F). 0-500 m. ) 19. Aristolochia leuconeura Linden, Belgique Hort.

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