By G. Harcourt

The writer experiences retrospectively his constructing rules on thought and coverage for the reason that he first encountered Keynes's writings in 1950. subject matters lined contain: Keynes now, particularly the arrival again into favour of his so much primary principles; highbrow biographies and shorter tributes to economists; and a survey of Post-Keynesian thought.

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6 (1979) ‘Economic Issues and the Future of Australia’, in Australian Political Studies Association, Australian Labor Party National Committee of Inquiry, Discussion Papers, APSA Monograph no. 28, 1979, Flinders University of South Australia. Dow, J. C. R. ), vol. 8, 252–301. Dow, S. C. (1997) ‘Endogenous Money’, in Harcourt and Riach (1997), vol. 2, 61–78. Duesenberry, J. S. : Harvard University Press). Feldstein, M. and C. Horioka (1980) ‘Domestic Saving and International Capital Flows’, Economic Journal, vol.

Marris helped Piero Sraffa run the research students’ seminar and generally offer pastoral and other advice. This was to be a temporary, not a permanent state; see Harcourt (1988) for my appreciative evaluation of Nicky. Trevor Stegman (2 June 1999) writes that I should add ‘in an economy operating below full employment’. There are vital differences between the two situations, in that more saving – not spending – would be required in the full employment situation, but planned additional investment would still need to be financed before it could become actual investment.

17–18), that government expenditure should not principally be used for pump-priming but rather should fit in with the longer-term needs of economies, taking into account the social and political philosophy of the government in power. I also drew 50 Years a Keynesian 23 attention to the danger of forgetting those old-fashioned but profound lessons from the writings of Russell and Salter concerning the macroeconomic effects of incomes policies on rates of accumulation, and from Kalecki concerning the vital differences between getting to, and then sustaining, full employment.

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